As You Grow, Brighter and Brighter You Glow!

Guidance Sessions on any topic you choose help clear the way:




Spiritual Path




Past Life




Soul Purpose

Let’s take a look at what you’re growing through!

Like a flower, your soul goes through cycles of letting go, seeding, budding and blossoming. As a spirit, you are growing through what you are creating. Guidance Sessions enhance the good that you already are while bringing any blind spots into the light.

Guidance Sessions say hello to you as a spirit, helping you to prune stuck energy so that your inspiration may flow more clearly. From business to relationships to finances to health, any sort of focus is welcome.

What part of you is ready to move from water bug to dragonfly?

In a Guidance Session you’ll receive spirit-to-spirit communication from Aspen Oracle founder, Jennah Synnestvedt. Jennah will share information from your higher self, guides and subconscious all while holding sacred space for you to discern your own truth and heal yourself.

You are the magic pill,

and it is okay to receive help!

I offer guidance sessions to shine a light on your inner wisdom, point you to your own power and be a loving presence as you walk your divine path. Through what feels fun as well as any sticky ickies, I look forward to celebrating life with you!

I could go on and on but basically there was so much rich wisdom, healing, and insight that takes place in a session and it doesn’t stop there. Each time I listen to the recording, I get more and more insight from the session. I had no idea what I was in for. I just thought oh this will be fun, I like this stuff. Well let me tell you that Jennah is the real deal. She is like this free spirit, this Angel that drops in and you have no idea how much rich wisdom is given to you. Thank you Jennah. For sure you are doing what you were put here to do. I don’t think I ever shared the impact you had on me in this kind of depth. This comes from my absolute truth. This is not about saying something nice for your web site. You were sent to me to move me forward on my spiritual path. I know that and I thank you.

Ellen Atkins, The Suburban Monk
Jennah absolutely blew me away with her ability to help me remove the blocks that prevented me from starting my own company. Her insights continue to be an invaluable part of my work process, and I constantly refer to, and apply the practical and creative suggestions and tools she has shared with me to overcome the challenges of running a new business.

Dara Holness
Jennah is as sensitive and tuned in as she is powerful in her intuitive work. I really appreciated the high level of professionalism she brought to her healing work and can honestly say she is not only a natural but she truly is the real deal. Recently in a session Jennah told me she saw me being in the garden a lot more. Well, I have never gardened so much in my life for the past month! Thank you Jennah.

Susanna Kearney
Jennah is a soul searcher: she integrates what she sees in your soul with what you are yearning to express in your business self image and character. She does this with a certain quietude and deep respect for your true nature; I felt as if someone truly saw inside that sacred space I was envisioning and wanting to show the world.

Susan Bostwick, President Act Intuitive, LLC, Director Divine Healing Center

Time to Grow and Glow!

Session Details


50-minutes long. Happens via video or phone conference. Includes a recording.


Bonuses Also Included:

Three Distance Healings

Healings are 10-minutes each and are done remotely (no need to make an appointment). Healings happen on Mondays and include a brief digitally recorded summary.

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