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A New Way of Relating to Life’s Challenges

The way to grow through any challenge? Radical self-responsibility. No beating around the bush while still being kind and compassionate to others and yourself. Especially yourself.

It’s that simple, but often easier said than done.

In hard times, it’s important to remember that you are learning and growing as a soul. Actually, as spirits in bodies we are all on a soul journey: collectively, relationally and individually. Even if a challenge is coming from something outside of your control, you always have the power to choose how you respond to what is happening within yourself, your life and the world.

Forgiveness of your infinite self is key. Your infinite self is the higher self aspect of you that is orchestrating your soul’s experiences from lifetime to lifetime. In order to keep moving forward, your higher self waits for you to let go of the burdens and resentments lingering in your heart. An open heart courageously says yes to more adventure.

Again, not always so easy as a number of layers may exist in your sub-conscious. In the process of peeling back the layers to find your self affinity and power, reflection and support from others comes in handy. Here are a few options for the type of support that helps you seek within yourself to reclaim your own power, wisdom and truth:

Tough Shit Tarot: A Deck of Rude Awakenings

With such an extreme name, it is hard for some people to fathom how Tough Shit Tarot is actually helpful, but recently I’ve been reflecting on why I co-created it.

As a child, whenever I would fall and hurt myself, my father would say, “What did you do that for?” which I didn’t quite understand because I just wanted someone to make me feel better. When I connected with my spiritual path as an adult, the words took on new meaning as I learned to heal my role in creating my life experiences on a sub-conscious level in order to start fresh. And as an entrepreneur, who has “fallen” a number of times, I’ve had to examine my patterns and summon forgiveness in order to freely move forward again and again.

Basically, Tough Shit Tarot reminds us that radical self-awareness and responsibility is a wonderful healing. Even what gets triggered within us from “bad” words is an opportunity to look in the mirror, allow ourselves to see the truth and to choose acceptance of our wholeness (which might even include laughing at how serious it all gets sometimes!).

Buy Tough Shit Tarot HereBuy Tough Shit Tarot Here

Also, read on to learn about how to get a complimentary Tough Shit Tarot Deck from the Divine Healing Center.

Trance Medium Healings from the Divine Healing Center

The newest addition to the Aspen Oracle Directory, The Divine Healing Center offers a variety of spiritual healings to all people interested in receiving change in their lives.

The Divine Healing Center is offering a complementary Tough Shit Tarot: Deck of Rude Awakenings when you sign-up and make a donation for a 3-month Healing Package.

Have a healing project? Want to get past some limitation in your life? Get a 1, 2, or 3 month Spiritual Healing Package to assist you in getting what you want (better health, more $, love, your name it!)

These healing packages happen long distance. For more info about these packages, click here. Offer good through January 2019.

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Also, read on to learn about how to receive a sample Trance Medium Healing from the Divine Healing Center at the Aspen Oracle Winter Solstice Online Gathering.

The Aspen Oracle Winter Solstice Gathering

Gather online with us this Winter Solstice to discover how YOUR MAGIC AND MIRACLES ENERGY LIGHTS THE WAY THROUGH WINTER

As the days get shorter we are invited by Mother Nature to explore the depths of our Soul. Which sounds oh-so-serious!!

While honoring our true nature is important, we may also remember that our Magic and Miracles Energy is light-hearted in Spirit.

Darkness is simply infinite potential from which possibility is born. Light sparked in the night is Magic and Miracles.

Gather with us to spark, stoke and burn your bright Magic and Miracles Energy so that it may light your way through the winter season!

Join us LIVE online for this FREE seasonal gathering that includes Spiritual Healings, a Guided Meditation Workshop and Intention Setting. Plus, you’ll meet & interact with other awesome people!

More about what you’ll experience if you come …

This is not a passive webinar! It is aLIVE and INteractive.

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Blessings to you on your soul’s journey!!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

What helps you move through challenges?

Reflecting in this moment, how might you find new perspective on something you are struggling with?

Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah guides soulful people to embody, express and expand who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and Free.

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  • Thanks Jennah for the suggestions of tools to increase my awareness. I love to use Tough Shit Tarot as an affirmation card too, like when I pull a card I ask it to tell me what I’m already doing. The cards are so funny it makes it easier to hear the message. Once I pulled cards with two friends for a half hour and we were ROTFL!

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