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What's Possible at Aspen Oracle

Being a Living Invitation

Being your own oracle in co-creation with the Earth, Cosmos, and each other.
Artwork by Energy Artist Julia
The invitation here is for you to deepen into your one-of-a-kind journey of:
Experiencing Your Essence

Creating an inner sanctuary within your personal universe. Coming home to yourself where your intuition naturally flows. Experiencing ease and grace in your life as you deepen into your center feeling and amplifying your own note.

Divinely Attuning Your Channel

Attuning into the limitless potency and full spectrum of your channel to reveal and amplify your heartfelt I AM. Experiencing your Soul’s own essential note in harmony with the Earth, Cosmos, and your life.

Embodied Integration

Playing with what’s emerging to be thrown in the Divine river. Bringing light to integrate the disconnected parts of yourself. Having trust in your channel and intuitive abilities. Embodying your essence and your I AM in all areas of your life.

Being in Creation

Resting in knowing that Earth and Spirit are ground and wisdom that support you being you. Tuning into your inner knowing to guide your way of being. Rooting in your I AM, working with Source to bring through all you’re meant to create in the world.

Rebirth • Nurture • Celebrate • Share

Your Intuitive Nature

What is Your Intuitive Nature (YIN)?
Yes, nature is all the wild plants, animals, and landscapes that you see with your eyes.
And nature is so much more.

As defined by the dictionary: Nature is “the universe, with all its phenomena”, “the sum total of the forces at work throughout the universe.” The origin of the word is “from Old French, from Latin nātūra “conditions of birth, quality, character, natural order, world,” equivalent to nāt(us) (past participle of nāscī “to be born”). Intuition is direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.

Your Intuitive Nature is your birthright to perceive the truth and manifest energy into form. It is:
Heaven on Earth Experienced in Your Heart

The universal portal through which your unique energy signature has been birthed and is at play rippling through you as you in co-creation with the forces of nature.

Being a Living Invitation of What’s Possible on Earth

You living your purpose which is to BE YOU in the full unfolding expression of your unique and ever evolving Soul. Being an oracle in co-creation with the Earth, Cosmos, and each other.

Embodying Your Vitality, Creativity and Divinity

Glowing and overflowing with your life force energy to creating from your highest potential in all areas of your life utilizing your Divine gifts in Divine order with Divine love.

Jennah Synnestvedt

Aspen Oracle Founder, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive

I’m so happy you’ve found your way here! I’m so curious and excited to hear, what dreams are you bringing through?

Now it is important to know that when I say dreams, I mean the desires that facilitate the ongoing expansion of your Soul … the life experiences with your self, relationships and work in the world that you’re here to grow through because they fulfill you on a deep and purposeful level.

Birthing your dreams calls for the dedicated awareness and care of many aspects. It’s possible to get stuck on the big vision and loose site of the next steps. It’s been normalized to runaround like a chicken with your head cut-off following the advice of many different experts. It can be scary. It might be overwhelming. It’s sometimes hard not to be paralyzed by all of the options or hyper focused on the details. Whatever happens, it certainly is miraculous and never boring!

Dreams that are divinely aligned to continuously birth more of your higher self into your life guide you to own your spiritual path, and I am here to guide you along your journey. I have an expansive energy tool box to assist your Soul reconnection, embodiment and growth. All so that your heart, soul and body may sing in greater harmony to improve your wellness, find more fulfillment in your work, and shift your relationships for the highest good.

So you're probably wondering a little more about ME... who AM I?

Born and raised at 9,500 feet in the mountains above Boulder, CO, I’ve always had a special connection with mother nature and creativity. When I was a little girl, I was given the nickname Jennah-rater because I used to go beet red as I held my breath at community functions. I would hold it all inside until I couldn’t take it anymore. Until I just had to let out a giant, loud wail of energy. Like a generator when the power goes out. As it turns out in Human Design, I’m a sacral authority generator.

Though I didn’t know it until my mid-twenties, I’ve always had a soul calling to be a spiritual midwife who holds space for people to bring their highest creative self through to express and expand who they really are in a powerful, feel-good and purposeful way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and free… playing a new game and setting a new pattern on Earth in this lifetime. I like to roughly translate the meaning of my full birth name Jennah (pure, heaven) Louise (warrior, optimism) Synnestvedt (sunny side farm) to “Warrior of Heaven on Earth”.

When I was a teen, I started working at beautiful mountain resorts scrubbing toilets as a housekeeper and washing dishes in the restaurant which then led to working pretty much every job in the restaurant from hostess to pastry chef to bar tender. That was where I first worked with a mission oriented business learning to wear multiple hats and be part of a team where everyone works to get the job done in the best possible way for all involved.

With a B.F.A. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, the first chapter of my adult life was dedicated to being a graphic design and branding professional in New York City. For over ten years, I freelanced at various companies in NYC, Boulder and remotely around the globe. My most notable–and hippie child dream come true–collaboration during this time was working on the first and second ever national advertising campaign for Burt’s Bees. Additionally, one of my most fun and joyful collaborations was working with Ellen Atkins and The Suburban Monk.

Moving to Santa Fe in 2008 to help bring my nephew into the world was where and when I consciously connected with my spiritual path and the next chapter of my life. Being present as another soul came into the world, cracked me wide open and I went full on spiritual seeker. I became aware that in order to heal the world, I must heal myself first. For over ten years, I explored myself through holistic classes, communities and services. Graduating from various programs of the Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons in Boulder, I became a Minister. I learned from some of the best and brightest (and continue to do so today – the journey keeps going always!).

In 2010, the aspen trees literally called me back to Colorado through a vision and the name Aspen Oracle came out of thin air the same night of that vision. In 2011, I officially formed the “company” as a brand design agency, and it wasn’t long before intuitive services, spiritual teaching and community worked their way into the mix of offerings here! It’s been a process of learning to devote myself to simply being the steward of this vision that is so much bigger than me, and so much bigger than all of us attracted here. I’m happy to say, that I’m all in, so let’s play!

The bigger why. Ask Yourself:

Do you feel the calling to bring your full expression to the world?

The Time to Live Your Calling is Now. When we root and fly at the same time, we radiate as living invitations elevating our vibrations all around the globe. The network ripple affect is why we gather ONLINE & LIVE.

Are you a bridge builder stirring the pot and brewing magic for the greater good?

At times you may feel rebellious, like you just want it to be easier, and you’d rather escape to a secluded monastery or pristine island. If you feel stuck in the status quo yet have a passion for being the change, you are a bridge soul here to restore balance on the planet. Whether you fly your woo-woo flag high or keep it more to yourself, you may experience a roller coaster of highs, numbness and lows on any given day.

Do you know that facing the challenges can indeed be easier (and even more fun!)?

When you live a soul led life, you have all that you need to navigate the full spectrum of your life experiences. By loving your whole self and finding peace with your journey, you live your Divine Design. Being a full expression of yourself is being a living invitation of health and harmony on Earth and beyond.

Are you living to be down to Earth and free?

People drawn to Aspen Oracle are wild women and men who are choosing peace, joy, and love on Earth. Sensitive, soulful, and creative people here living life to it’s fullest freely growing and divinely creating on Earth, each in their unique expression. Multi-generational leaders in everyday lives as healers, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, grandmothers, partners and more.

All who are called here are welcome. No matter how many lifetimes and years of experience we have, each participant is invited to “come as a child” with curiosity, amusement and enthusiasm to live moment-to-moment.

Hear it from them

what people are saying

Is your business ready to take a new step? Are you ready for innovative techniques and tools that can increase productivity? Then look no farther. Check out Aspen Oracle and learn to dial into your own intuitive awareness and manifest the dreams you came to fulfill this lifetime. Learning to trust your inner voice lets you step up into more of your own power. Join a class and get going on living the life you want.
Mary Bell Nyman, Founder of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO
Jennah is a soul searcher: she integrates what she sees in your soul with what you are yearning to express in your business self image and character. She does this with a certain quietude and deep respect for your true nature; I felt as if someone truly saw inside that sacred space I was envisioning and wanting to show the world.

Susan Bostwick, Act Intuitive & Divine Healing Center in Santa Rose, CA
I highly recommend Aspen Oracle to all of those choosing to grow more fully into your life’s purpose. With grounded lightness, it is a space to listen more to yourself in a fun, filled with freedom yet grounded in nature community. It’s a wonderful, safe place to land, tune in, feel revitalized and grow into your best self with others.

A.S. in Boulder
Aspen Oracle is one of the safest and most healing sacred spaces I’ve ever participated in. There is something very sacred about connecting with spirit and myself side by side with others who are on a similar spiritual path. To witness and be witnessed during big and small growth periods adds potency to the work. My perspective on myself, others, and the world is always positively shifted in class, and I leave with more capacity to live the life I want. One of the most valuable pieces is the neutral space that Jennah holds. Her dedication to the work is contagious. Class keeps me accountable with my meditation practice, and it’s something I look forward to all week.

L.W. in Montana
Why am I here: For the community, for the playground for the ability to grow organically and not through a pyramid of requirements. I have seen projects grow in one month more than they did the entire 6 months prior. Also for the “soul group” and a community that is collaborative with other communities.

S.W. in Oregon
By participating in Aspen Oracle Class Gatherings with Jennah Synnestvedt as the insightful and joyful guide (teacher), I was able to grow even stronger in trusting my intuition and inner knowing through practice, tools and wisdom in a comforting format. I also enjoyed being with like minded souls while doing so. I highly recommend her delightful intuitive offerings.

C.D. in Arizona
The minute I arrive at a gathering, I always feel better pretty much instantly. Just being in the presence of others who “get it” is so powerful, and it gets even better from there – the work we do together deepens over time, creating lasting change.

L.S. in Colorado

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu

Affirmation: As a Divine Being, I look to the Earth as a model for growth. For it is the Earth, with its seasons of change, that shows me how to be at peace with the creativity of my Soul. And when I embrace the Cosmic nature that dances in my heart, I find that there is nothing to fear. Instead I find a celebration of life as I open my eyes to the view.