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with Branding that Inspires

Our mission is to create branding that clearly expresses the benefits of what you offer allowing your customers to be inspired, engage and buy.

We work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are in the creative, health and wellbeing categories.

Whether you’re bringing a new idea to life or expanding, we have a service for you:

Our services help you to:

Clarify your brand and create in a way that works for you.
Create a consistent, recognizable brand look & feel.
Inspire your customers to engage and buy.
Connect, share and expand with other entrepreneurs.

Our clients often say “Work your magic!” And we do.

We also have a business network for sensitive and soulful entrepreneurs called Aspen Oracle Grove.

We envision an inspiration driven business world that is a playground for freedom, growth and wellenss.
Hi! I’m Jennah!
Brand Midwife, Creative Director
Aspen Oracle Founder & CEO

Bringing health, harmony and beauty into the world is a great passion of mine. Doing what I love brings me to ask questions like: What change are you looking to be in the world? How might branding your vision create a ripple effect? What is beautiful to you?

With over fifteen years of experience as a branding professional, I have served a wide range of visionary clients and their world-changing brands.

A favorite advertising project that I worked on with Burt’s Bees is shown here. They took a stand for their values by comparing their natural ingredients to competitors synthetic ingredients. It also included a wallet-sized “Synthetic Ingredients to Avoid” card for customers to take to the store, empowering them as individuals and the company’s mission for the greater good.

When we work together on your brand, I guide the sustainable, aligned, feel-good expansion and expression of your brand, business and you. We are both willing to dive in and trust that, as we work together, your vision is unfolding for the highest good.

I look forward to helping you share your magic with the world!

Read more about me here.
Jennah is a soul searcher: she integrates what she sees in your soul with what you are yearning to express in your business self image and character. She does this with a certain quietude and deep respect for your true nature; I felt as if someone truly saw inside that sacred space I was envisioning and wanting to show the world.
Susan Bostwick, Act Intuitive