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Intuitive Reading

When your brand is aligned with your soul …

Your people – aka your highest good customers – are so excited to engage with you.
Abundance abounds because you’re on Divine Assignment taking action where it is needed most.
You’re fulfilling your mission and yourself being the change you know is possible in the World.

You’re embracing your Divinity …
Creating your brand as woo as you wish.

For some, the amount of woo expressed in their brand shows no bounds. For others, it is more undercover. It all depends on where you’re at on your journey and who your ideal customers are. Having an Align Brand & Soul Intuitive Reading helps you recognize how the stage of spiritual growth you’re in affects your brand so that you may move forward with more clarity and connection to your highest self.

Jennah is a soul searcher: she integrates what she sees in your soul with what you are yearning to express in your business self image and character. She does this with a certain quietude and deep respect for your true nature; I felt as if someone truly saw inside that sacred space I was envisioning and wanting to show the world.

Susan Bostwick, Act intuitive