Celebrate Your

Intuitive Nature

Afternoon Retreat in Nederland, CO

Sunday, September 26: 1:00pm to 4:00pm MT

An outdoor experience for 6 people.

At this Intuitive Nature Retreat, you’re invited to connect with nature as a guide to attune your intuition for self healing. Walk away celebrating your new level of permission to embrace your inner guidance in your everyday life.

More about what you’ll experience if you come …

The Your Intuitive Nature Retreat is a LIVE, IN PERSON AFTERNOON RETREAT that is held in the beautiful mountains of Nederland, CO – lands previously inhabited by the Ute and Arapahoe tribes.

Come prepared for various weather conditions as the retreat is entirely outdoors with plenty of room for personal safe space as well as being masked or unmasked as you choose with respect.

At 1:00pm, we meet as a group on the property of a private rental in Eldora, CO, which will be our starting point for a healing walk with nature.

The Mini-Retreat Flow

Embracing Your Intuitive Nature in Everyday Life
During the Nature Walk, Led by Jennah Synnestvedt

Walking meditation through a nearby forest which includes pine trees, an aspen grove and river. Guided invitations to tune into the medicine the aspen trees and four elements offer you to bring into your everyday life including your vitality, work in the world, and relationships. Inquire about … What are you shifting? What wisdom are you bringing forth? What’s your next step?

Healing with Animals
During the Nature Walk, Led by Alison Stanton

Let’s open our human circle and invite the animals around us. Say hello to the local forest animals and join paw, hoof and hands. How are their own lives shifting with the cooling autumn air? What is their intention for growth and how do they prepare? Speak with animals who share a journey similar to yours. Can you walk with them today as we mediate together? What inspiration do you have for each other?

Intention Setting and Celebrations
On the House Property, Led by Jennah Synnestvedt

Find a place on the property to nourish your Body, Mind, and Soul with a cup of Legacy Cacao, setting a beyond the retreat intention for yourself in alignment with your heart’s calling… perhaps even one that you can embody in present time, taking the first step as this Your Intuitive Nature Retreat comes to a close. Complete by coming together to voice, witness and celebrate!

Your Intuitive Nature Retreat Teachers

Jennah Synnestvedt
Founder and Director of Aspen Oracle

In the Aspen Oracle space, Jennah guides soulful people to heal and be themselves in all areas of their life. Dedicated to well-being on Earth and spiritual freedom, Jennah experiences the power of joy, making progress, the magic within and that–for a reason–we’re in it together. In all that she does, Jennah practices taking life a little less seriously . . . being perfect at being imperfect. A graduate and former staff member of Divine Healing Center, Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons Center, Jennah is a Reverend and spiritual teacher, psychic and healer with 13+ years (and lifetimes!) of experience.

Alison Stanton
Psychic Healer for animals and people

Alison’s intention is to improve communication between animals and people. We have evolved in relationship with animals and the health of our connection affects how humans, and the entire world, develops into the future. Alison is the Animal Communications Psychic and Teacher at the Divine Healing Center in Santa Rosa, CA and has trained at Boulder’s Psychic Horizons Center and the Boulder Psychic Institute. Alison’s website is BoulderPetPsychic.com

What People are Saying

I had an incredible experience—and came away with clear insights for my life and felt energetically lifted and loved. Jennah is a truly gifted guide and healer.

Ann in Utah

Live in Nederland, CO

Sunday, September 26: 1:00pm to 4:00pm MT

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