Autumn Equinox Gathering

Monarch Butterflies: Migration through Generations

Our 4th Annual Event

Saturday, September 19 @ 1:00pm-3:00pm MDT

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If you’re overwhelmed by all the craziness and changes in today’s world, the Autumn Equinox Gathering invites you to get off the wheel and start unravelling what isn’t working – all so that you may experience more of your true nature.

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More about what you’ll experience if you come …

This is not a passive webinar! It is aLIVE and INteractive.

Guided Meditation to Ground and Set Intentions
Led by Jennah Synnestvedt

We start with a grounding and expansive meditation that brings you as Spirit deeper into your Body in present time. The Autumn Equinox is an especially poignant time to ground because the Earth and Cosmic energies are ripe to deepen into our spiritual nature and soul purpose with ease, clarity and confidence.

Monarch Butterflies: Migration through Generations
A Workshop Taught by Mary-Laurence Bevington

A deep dive into the strong, futuristic, team playing royals known as the monarch butterflies. Every year the monarch travels close to 3000 miles to winter in warm climes. Like birds the monarchs head north come spring, only to fly back south as soon as the leaves start to turn fall colors. How on earth does a flutter of monarchs weighing less than 1 gram each and often living for only 2 to 5 weeks, achieve such a journey? And how can we – intuitively aware spiritual folk learn from the monarch? Come find out!

Intuitive Readings
From Aspen Oracle Community Members

Intuitive Readings with Aspen Oracle Intuitive Readers say hello to you as a soul, helping you to prune stuck energy so that your inspiration may flow more clearly. We’ll celebrate the good that you are while shining a light on any blind spots that you’d like to resolve in your wellness, relationships and work in the world.

What People are Saying

I loved the positive energy in the group and hearing everyone’s goals.
So helpful to have new perspectives reflected from others.
I go to a lot of online events, but this one is special.

Autumn Equinox Gathering 2020 Facilitators

Jennah Synnestvedt
Aspen Oracle Founder & Director
Mary-Laurence Bevington
Aspen Oracle Team Member
Alison Stanton
Aspen Oracle Team Member
Jill Van-Dyke
Aspen Oracle Team Member

Saturday, September 19 @ 1:00pm-3:00pm MDT

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