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“Have it for yourself before you jump to teaching it to others.”

The wisdom keepers have been telling me this for years, and I’m finally getting it now.

As soon as I started seeking, I also started teaching. I so badly wanted to share what I was discovering with others so that it would be more real to me. So that I wouldn’t be alone. So that I would belong.

Yet my pain body was still driving from the shadows. It was easier for me to tell others what to do than to love my most wounded parts.

The most wounded parts that had never been fully met by others, and how could they have been, because I was actually hiding them from myself.

The little girl inside who was scared to share her joy because it might be annoying to others. The part that hid her magic in a closet because it was too weird in a world based on intellect.

I’m finally bringing light to those parts and I’m embracing them with as much love as I know how to give.

I feel so much lighter and more free to be me in all ways.

The dichotomy of being perfectly imperfect.

Reading the above, you might think that I’ve been a bad teacher or have stopped teaching.

In reality, I’ve taught and will continue to teach through all my evolutions. As I master pieces of myself, I do have wisdom to share that inspires others to connect with their own truth, power and wisdom within.

Being a heart of service is about living my own soul led life and sharing as I am called whether or not I feel ready. It’s listening to that “yes” in my heart no matter what.

What’s your heart saying today?

Wild blessings,