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Being at peace with your body is many things, and it starts with making friends with your body and your soul growth.

Ascension is all the rage these days. I see so many people willing to jump ship so they can board the rocket ship, but they’re not stopping to wonder who is actually flying the rocket ship?

Are you in charge of your body, or have you let someone else put a shock collar on ya? Those who charge up the collar are programming from all sorts of angles. Some even sound and look like your beliefs.

Some of the stories coming out of the new age world are laced with something that smells a lot like religious stories where those who worship in the right way will be saved from some impending doom.

So what’s really going on? How to discern the truth from the lie?

Where what we see with our Intuitive senses matches what we see with our physical eyes. This is not about science unless it’s a science that includes the intuitive experience in the equation.

In order to actually ascend, one must do embodiment work. Otherwise it’s just escapism.

Embodiment is not about being perfect. The perfect body, the perfect flow, and the perfect choices won’t save you from the what you’re here to learn.

What you’re here to learn is what you’re here to master.

Embodiment is about making friends with your body because it’s the body you created to be your Soul’s home in this life.