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I went to the zoo a couple of weekends ago which gave me the opportunity to reflect on comfort and freedom.

Did you know that lions in healthy captivity live something like three times longer than those that live in the wild? Sure, animals in the zoo have plenty to eat and even sometimes have special agreements with humans that help them evolve spiritually, yet when I came across this hyena pictured below, I felt sad.

I felt sad because, well, this majestic creature was a little depressed. They had it isolated in it’s own area and it was sleeping with it’s eyes part open on alert. My empathy turned on because I’ve been there too… in that fog of isolation, naps, and low motivation with an underlying vigilance.

Sometimes I actually let myself surrender into that place because a certain amount of doing nothing is healthy – it helps me unwind from the programs that say I must produce more, better, faster. And the more I release the guilt and fear that something bad will happen, the faster I find my wild creative self again.

So even though I couldn’t let the animals at the zoo out of their cages, it was a reminder that I’m really the keeper of the keys to my own cage. What a privilege it is that I can tuck myself in, order delivery when wanted, hire mentors, and roam the world as I choose. I’m so grateful and am devoting myself to make the most of 2022 knowing in my heart that I am free.

Happy New Year,