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Fluff. Fluff is illusions, fantasies, glossing over, beating around the bush, bypassing, magic pills, sugary implants, denial, and more.
What’s on the other side of fluff?

Experiencing Your Essence
Creating an inner sanctuary within your personal universe. Coming home to yourself where your intuition naturally flows. Experiencing ease and grace in your life as you deepen into your heart feeling and amplifying your own note.

Divine Attunement
Attuning into the limitless potency and full spectrum of your channel to reveal and amplify your heartfelt I AM. Experiencing your Soul’s own essential note in harmony with the Earth, Cosmos, and your life.

Integration & Embodiment
Playing with what’s emerging to be thrown in the Divine river. Bringing light to integrate the disconnected parts of yourself. Having trust in your channel and intuitive abilities. Embodying your essence and your I AM in all areas of your life.

Being in Creation
Resting in knowing that Earth and Spirit are ground and wisdom that support you being you. Tuning into your inner knowing to guide your way of being. Rooting in your I AM, working with Source to bring through all you’re meant to create in the world.

I’ll say it this way …

A letter from a friend is wonderful, seeing them in person is even better, and when they’re not there do you remember that you are your own best friend?

Would you rather wait for a permission slip from God, meet God, or realize that you are an expression of God? All you need to do is open the door to yourself.

Wild Blessings,