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Welcome to My Walk of Shine (not shame!) ...

You may have seen it. The day that I sent out an email with the subject line Celebrating Spring! when it was still winter.

I was in the future and forgot to update the subject line to what I intended it to be. Also, it was a message that I wrote in December that felt relevant now.

When things like this happen, I don’t even look at is as a mistake anymore. I skip straight to opening the invitation Spirit is giving me.

When I asked Spirit what wants to come through in the here and now, this is what flowed:

Being eternal on earth is living seamlessly in the past, present, and future all at once. When you validate yourself as an eternal Soul, the emergence of grace within awkward human transitions is possible.

What a wonderful gem! Perfect as we’re heading towards Spring with perhaps a bit of cabin fever and tons of excitement for what is to burst forth.

You see, the seasons are so much deeper than just what’s happening in nature. Our bodies and Souls are eternally woven through time and space on Earth.

As the environment changes, so does our energy field and body. No amount of bypassing can change that. Choosing to harmonize is the path of great peace.

We are literally designed to rest in the safety of being grounded in the present moment while processing the past and looking forward to creating the future.

Wild blessings and good cheer,