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We're living in a very charged time right now. So much polarity, pressure to take a side, and turning against each other.

What if we could stop making each other the enemy? And instead recognize each other as Souls who are all evolving and navigating feeling safe in a human body.

What would be created if we focused on what IS wanted?

Focusing on what is wanted starts with respecting the choices others make for themselves, even if you don’t like or understand them.

From the space of mutual respect, hope exists for communication, understanding, and seeing the bigger picture at play on a Spiritual level. God works in mysterious ways, and, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’re co-creating with God as well as each person in your life.

Being present with each other as spiritual beings navigating a human experience doesn’t always come easily, but it is something that can be rewired and deepened over time with practice. What will you choose today?