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Perhaps it is time to consider... Is time your master, or are you the master of your time?

Oh day light savings time, what are you really saving?! If you’re anything like me, having an hour of daylight chopped off overnight feels quite shocking and confusing to the nervous system. Adaptation becomes a need.

Even though I’m designed to adapt, focus is needed for my body to calibrate the expectations of “clock time” with the natural circadian rhythms of my body.

The number #1 tool that I have to gracefully adapt and be the master of my time is actually something that I practice daily: Connecting with my Divine Channel and centering myself around fulfilling what I’m meant to accomplish.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu

If you’ve visited the Aspen Oracle website enough times, you’ve probably noticed that quote. It’s resting in a number of places as a friendly reminder to turn off the alarms, reconnect with nature, and be with + do what truly matters.

Remembering to come back to center is easier on some days than others. At times, fear kicks in and tricks my brain into thinking the clock is in charge. When I notice that happening, I step back and take stock of the wisdom I’ve gained through actual lived experience.

As someone who has been a freelancer and entrepreneur since I graduated college in 2005, I’ve found time and time again that devotion to my Soul’s calling is what takes care of me. Whether it is money, support, or some other need, when I’m being guided by my intuition and acting from my heart’s knowing, ALL IS WELL (even if it’s not always perfect or easy).

Wild Blessings,