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You are irreplaceable expression of Divinity. No amount of automation can duplicate your Soul. The creative ripple effect of your actions unfolding in the collective tapestry that we're all weaving together is priceless.
Whether you know it or not, you were born with intuitive gifts (most of us are!).

You are designed as an instrument capable of knowing, seeing, hearing your truth aka what is in highest and best good for you in any given moment. You also have the power to be in charge of your mind, feel any emotion, and create any vibration all of which magnetize opportunities of similar frequency to you.

Life becomes a whole lot more interesting when you have greater trust in your intuitive abilities.

To know, see, hear, and feel your truth separate from the lies is truly one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Learning to open up and fine tune your intuitive gifts in a safe space with an experienced guide is key to utilizing them for the highest good in a way the works well for your nervous system.

I know that you have something beyond special to bring to the world.

You are a key ingredient that is needed for a more peaceful, loving and joyful harmonic here on Earth. You might even consider yourself an empathetic change agent who is so sensitive that you’re experiencing burnout and overwhelm. Working with the right teacher for you guides you to integrate your sensitivity in a powerful way so you can rise to live your calling.

Wild Blessings,