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For some reason, we're in this world together.

Other places exist where the games are different, but Earth is definitely a relational model. The choices each individual Soul make affect the whole tapestry. We’re weaving this world together with the Divine.

Species, families, tribes, and other groups naturally formed before we even came up with the idea to classify them. We left the sorting up to Source.

Somewhere along the way, power games were thrown into the mix and belonging got entangled with survival.

Further down the road, we decided creating boxes that could be checked would help our mind comprehend the world and each other. We even created systems to try to control Divine Order.

So where are we at now, and what is it that we have to learn from each other?

Emotional intelligence informs true belonging, and learning not to gossip is key.

Gossip is colluding to create a false sense of belonging… That phrase came to me last week and it got me wondering about TRUE belonging. Belonging that’s not based on only a physical or intellectual reality.

The answer that came to me was found in flying above the fray to the place where an individual Soul has their own unique essence which is like a harmonic others can sense.

Owning your true self is true belonging.

When each person chooses to be fully in their specific harmonic, the Divine Orchestra plays, and we can experience belonging even with our differences.

What is your Soul essence like?