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Brands Have Spirit Guides Too!

In today’s competitive business world, challenges to the integrity of a brand are part of the journey. Working with your brand’s spirit guides can help in a number of ways.

Benevolent Sacred Space Holding and Protection

To stay on a path that is true to you, it is especially important to keep the energy vibration of your brand as you set it and protected. Spirit guides love the job of sacred space holding for a brand. To call in these type of Spirit Guides, simply decide what vibrations you would like to have in the sacred space that is your brand–ie joy, peace, love, laughter–and then ask the Divine for benevolent spirit guides to uphold and protect it as such.

Experience Affinity with Inspirational Muses

The idea for your brand probably came to you in a moment of inspiration, perhaps even from an inspirational muse which is a type of spirit guide. Inspirational muses are co-creators for whom you have great affinity. Affinity is the fourth chakra ability to experience universal oneness with yourself, others and the world. When you are in affinity with your brand’s spirit guides, your heart sings as you work and you naturally attract those who also have an affinity for what you are creating.

I became aware of the Aspen Oracle spirit guides about two years in and ever since, working “on the business” (something many entrepreneurs dread) has never been so much fun!  Whether I am working on financials, the website or a fun new design, my heart sings. Some of what they have to say even inspired the Aspen Oracle Cards and Seasonal Gatherings.

Clear Confusion and Receive Guidance One Step and Time

Confusion can affect the creative process of establishing and growing your brand. Confusion is that tangled web of being aware of so many possibilities but not knowing which is best to choose. Confusion leads to an incessant need to have it all figured out which ultimately creates either being frozen or over-acting like a chicken with its head cut off. If you notice yourself in the downward spiral of confusion, it is a good time to ask your spirit guides for some clarity. Since they are not in “it” they are able to direct from a birds-eye view, giving you answers one step at a time.

The Spiritual Women Leaders Equinox Gathering that Aspen Oracle sponsored is an example of allowing spirit guides to light the way. The two women and I who co-created the event all received messages from our spirit guides about coming together to create the brand and event. Throughout the entire planning process, we consulted the spirit guides who were in support of it. They helped guide us through challenges to create a beneficial gathering for many. The Spiritual Women Leaders event was also where the Aspen Oracle Seasonal Gatherings and Manifesto, which continues to light the way for Aspen Oracle, was birthed.

THE ASPEN ORACLE MANIFESTO: As divine and cosmic individuals, we look to the Earth as a model for our own growth. For it is the Earth, with its seasons of change, that shows us how to be at peace with the creativity of our souls. When we embrace the wild nature that dances in our hearts, we find that there is nothing to fear. Instead we find a celebration of life as we open our eyes to the view.
Prioritize and Re-frame Failures as Success

On the journey of clearly defining and staying true to your brand, it is normal to have things not work out as you once thought they might. Your Spirit Guides can help you focus on what really matters which includes the lessons you learn along they way and how those ultimately are a form of success.

The creation of Tough Shit Tarot: A Deck of Rude Awakenings is an example of being led to deeper meaning by Archangel Metatron. Archangel Metatron is a spirit guide who helps anyone who asks. He specializes in helping people get their priorities straight as well as to clear invalidation and remove blocks which he does with his sacred geometry cube (pictured here).

Tough Shit Tarot was birthed after the author, Nami, and I went to give readings at an event in hopes of sharing our gifts with new clients. When no one came to us for a reading at the event, we decided to choose a card for ourselves from the Indigo Angel Oracle by Charles Virtue. What we received was a message from Archangel Metatron and later that night the deck was written by Nami. From there, Nami and I created it as we learned many lessons. Over and over again, we have prioritized letting Spirit guide despite any challenges and roadblocks.

Hello to Your Brand’s Team of Spirit Guides

As you can see, the ways your brand’s spirit guides can help are numerous! Every divinely inspired brand comes with a team of Spirit Guides and you can always call in more. Whether your looking for clarity, guidance, inspiration, affinity or protection, I’m sure you have a whole waiting room of applicants. As we learned in Shareen’s post, Spirit Guides: Who They Are and Who They Are Not, the key is wisely choosing your team so that, as Deb notes, you may have Fun and Adventure with Your Spirit Guides.

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Are you aware of your brand’s spirit guides?
How might your brand’s spirit guides help you?

Spiritual Women Leaders event photo by Linnea Smith.
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Author Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah guides soulful people to embody, express and expand who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and Free.

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  • Shareen says:

    Wow Jennah, it is really interesting to read about how many guides and foci a brand can have. I am looking forward to calling in a really cohesive group to help me in a few areas where I have experienced confusion and start to love working on those aspects of business.

    • Yes, so nice to have teams in high vibe places!! A team to help hold the vision, mission and values goes a long way to clear up confusion. Validating the truth makes space for more ease and grace!!

  • Super interesting idea Jennah. Makes me wonder about spirit guides for my house, my marriage, my next plane flight. I’m looking forward to realizing my teammates all around. Alison

    • Yes, Alison you get the message that you can work with spirit guides for many things! When it comes to spirit and business mixing, often “stop”, “don’t look”, “don’t do it” energies come in that prevent us from remembering. Luckily the soul-ution is as easy as remembering and doing it!

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