Do you desire to turn an inspired idea into a flourishing business?
Is it time to expand your business or non-profit to the next level?
Are you looking for a multi-dimensional full service branding team?


If so, then you are in the right place!

Aspen Oracle’s branding service is a rare (and wild!) one-stop-shop for healing, guidance, strategy, design, tech and marketing.

We consider ourselves your brand partner.

Hi! My name is Jennah, and I am a brand shaman and creative director.

I collaborate with inspired business creators and owners who are ready to bring their business, brand and self to the next level.

What does success mean to you? If it is in the ballpark of sharing your gifts and celebrating life, then we just might be a match to work together. When we work together, we grow your business from the inside-out.

For your benefit, I bring the catalyzing combination of:

15-years of branding experience (including a BFA from Pratt Institute – one of the world’s top design schools);
12-years of being in business for myself and the greater good (freelancing with agencies & creative organizations, working with solopreneurs & small businesses as well as international brands such as Burt’s Bees);
8-years (plus lifetimes) of experience as a psychic reader, healer and teacher (call me Reverend – I am a licensed Minster with Boulder’s Church of Inner Light);
a network of tried and true professionals from which I hand-pick a team that fits your business desires.

My team and I work with you to generate branding that radiates the Heart & Soul for which your customers are longing, inspiring them to to see, to engage with and to buy-into your offerings.

Let’s Walk Together on

Your Inspired Branding Journey

where we collaborate to create branding that blossoms your business.

Whether you are starting a new venture or re-birthing an established one, here is the route we travel:


First We Start with:

1. Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is about knowing and trusting what you have to offer.

Your branding is so much more than physical! It is an expression of who you are and what you came here to do. It is a tool to connect with your customers and make money doing what you love. Relationships, expression and receiving money for your passion can bring up a lot of STUFF. Working with us on strategy helps you get out of your own way!

In the strategy phase, we clarify the following:

Your Ideal Customer

Values and Your Why

Vision and Mission

Your Offerings

2. Visual Branding

More than just a logo, visual branding is the artistic expression of your vision that allows you to be clearly seen by your customers.

Visual branding is also how the logo, imagery, typefaces and materials are designed into a harmonious and consistent system.

In this phase, we’ll create your:

Brand Imagery

Logo Design

Business Card


Social Profile(s)

Style Guide

3. Content Creation

Content creation is all about communicating what you offer through the your visual brand, your words and tone of voice.

When expressed in your voice and through a strategy that suits you, it allows your customers easily understand what you offer as well as how to engage with your business.

In this phase, we’ll coach you to create your:

Marketing Strategy

Website Copy Writing

Opt-In Sequence Copy


Then We Move to:

4. Website Design

Time to put the strategy, content and visual brand together into your website design!

Your website design is all about creating the space for the giving and receiving flow to take place between your customers and your business.

In this phase, we’ll design your:

Welcome Page

About Page

Offerings Page(s)

Products Page

Contact Page

Opt-In Sequence Items

5. Website Build

Time to build your website into a real-live place to connect with your customers 24-7-365!

That’s right, your live website can work for you even when you’re sleeping and on vacation!

In this phase, my team and I will use your website copy and designs to build your entire website. Your website will be:

Customer Friendly

Built in WordPress or Squarespace

Mobile Responsive

Easy to Update

Retina Screen Quality

WPEngine Secured

Connected with Your Opt-In Sequence

Booking Widget

Online Store

6. Market & Evolve

Ready! Set! Connect! Time to put your fresh flowers out there and see who wants to smell the roses as well as how they are responding.

Being ready to listen, connect, and sometimes adapt is key as you launch and grow your business. Feedback and evolving is an ongoing part of your flourishing your business. After all, the nature of creativity is to compost, seed, sprout, bud, blossom and repeat.

In this phase, we’ll launch your site + write, design and coach you to send announcements via:

Social Media

Your Online Newsletter

Printed Postcard

In ongoing work together, we’ll listen and grow through:

Revisiting Parts of the Process

Marketing and Advertising

Revising Your Offerings

Creating New Offerings

We spend about one month on Steps 1-5, and two or more months on Step 6. Investment is via a monthly retainer rate. Three rounds of revisions are included for each deliverable.

Have brand projects that don’t fit into the steps or already have some of the steps done? Contact us anyway!


Also Included:

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week, there are two types of check-ins to keep us inspired and moving:


We meet to review where we are at on the branding work, go over feedback and decide best next steps. Meetings are 15-50 minutes and happen via phone, in-person or online.

Distance Healings

Healings are 10-minutes each and are done remotely (no need to make an appointment) on Mondays and include a brief digitally recorded summary.

Monthly Guidance

Each month, in a 50-minute Session, we go deep into what you are growing through as you create.

Like a flower, your soul goes through cycles of letting go, seeding, budding and blossoming. As a spirit, you are growing through what you are creating. Guidance Sessions enhance the good that you already are while bringing any blind spots into the light.

Guidance Sessions say hello to you as a spirit, helping you to prune stuck energy so that your inspiration may flow more clearly.

Seasonal Gatherings

Seasonally, we come together and share with other members of Aspen Oracle Grove.

Aspen Oracle Grove is a community of soulful people who are creating and growing inspired and healthy businesses.

Each Equinox and Solstice, we gather virtually to synergize, work energy and set intentions for the season in our group field.

At this time, Gatherings happen online and are 2-hours long.


Working Together is for you if you:
Desire to root deeply into what you are creating
Are ready for your business to grow from the inside out
Prefer balanced collaboration over doing it alone
Would like a consistent brand midwife and steward
Have plenty of energy/time/funds to invest in the process
Jennah is an amazing intuitive and deeply gifted designer. She was able to take my vision and guidance and give me exactly what I wanted. She also has all the skills of a professional entrepreneur. She guided me through the process with grace, efficiency and ease. I loved the process of working with her; it felt truly collaborative and co-creative. She has my highest recommendation for graphic design, vision and branding guidance.
Angelica Singh

Time to Shine!

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