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In our capitalist economy, the push to do more better faster is programmed in and can sneakily seep into good intentions.

The programming comes in on natural creative capabilities to survive, relate, manifest and learn. Personally as a recovering type A people pleaser, I’m still rewiring by constantly choosing to unmatch from the game.

Even as I sit down to write this message, my attention is pulled to the “mess” in my office… a few clumps of cat hair on the floor, an old tissue on the desk, a stack of papers to follow-up on. Shame threatens to be on me for it all.

I could have let shame in and chosen to spend my time cleaning, but instead I’m here writing to generate love, joy, and peace within first. That way, whatever I do next, whether it be cleaning or something else, I’ll be in my channel of what truly serves the highest good.

And by the way, writing isn’t always the first step to creating authentically. Sometimes it’s meditating; sometimes it’s talking to a loved one, a mentor or a coach; sometimes it’s walking outside or a nap even… you name it.

In any case, the key is to look at what is really driving an action – is it a brain addiction, programming push, shame stick, motivation carrot, or is it pure Divine inspiration flowing through for your Soul growth?