Connect with Your Heart & Soul Calling

Legacy Cacao Ceremony

Guided by Jennah Synnestvedt
The Time is Now.

As a light worker living on Earth during this time, what’s your intention? What challenges are you facing, what wisdom are you bringing forth, and what are you celebrating?

A ceremony with Legacy Cacao is a heart opening experience to go inward and connect with your Soul’s guidance.

What is your next step in creating your Soul legacy of love on Earth?

A Note from Jennah Synnestvedt: Aspen Oracle Founder and Legacy Cacao Ceremonialist
Tears of joy ran down my face as I opened my first package of Legacy Cacao that I had been given. It was soul knowing.

Beyond the humble yet luminous packaging, delicious taste and health benefits, the cacao was something I knew would transform my life in a relieving, loving and enlivening way.

And then I picked up a book that I hadn’t read in over a year. The next chapter was all about a young girl who was taken to a Shaman for healing. In her journey, a jaguar brought the medicine of reawakening feminine power.

And then I had a dream where a Jaguar was scratching at the door of a jungle hut where I was gathering with a group of strangers. At first I felt fearful, but then quickly shifted into the knowing that we where there to be in community.

Co-creating with this gentle plant medicine has helped me to remember + further embody ancient aspects of myself and to bring them fourth in present time. My heart opens as I step forward on my soul path.

I am honored to share this cacao through sacred ceremonies that remind us “pure of heart, peaceful warrior souls” why we incarnated in this lifetime as well as give us loving guidance to be strong and courageous.

What People Are Saying

The Legacy Cacao gathering through Aspen Oracle is fantastic. I had an incredible experience—and came away with clear insights for my life and felt energetically lifted and loved. Jennah is a truly gifted guide and healer.
A.H. in Utah

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