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Coloring Your Brand

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When you’re sharing a meaningful message or a service, effectively coloring your brand is so much more than just going with the current trend. The colors you choose for your brand are a tool to meet your ideal audience. Below are some resources to help paint a fitting environment for those who need you. 1. Put yourself in their shoes, and tap into what it feels like to connect. Imagine yourself connecting with your customers. Describe what you see, and note how it feels. Now take note of the first color or colors that come to your mind when you tune into the scene above. 2. Get ideas from color palette sites. The photos paired with color palettes on Design Seeds are helpful to tune into how the colors relate to more tangible feelings. Colour Lovers is another site that is fun to browse. Remember to keep in mind what your ideal customers like (rather than what you may like best). 3. Play with specifics. If you like to get specific, play with Adobe’s Color Wheel. Taking note of the color values for your designer is very helpful.

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