Nurture Your Intuitive Nature

Nature of Creativity Course

Be present with what you’re creating and grow into your heartfelt dreams.

In this course, you’ll deepen into trusting your intuitive awareness and Soul wisdom so you can more freely create living your purpose in all areas of your life.

Move Forward. At Your Pace. With Freedom.

The Aspen Oracle Nature of Creativity Course invites you to nurture your intuition, celebrate yourself and more consciously grow through the blocks keeping you stuck so that you can bring your vision down to Earth and manifest your wildest dreams.

The Nature of Creativity Course is for you to:

Update unhealthy patterns blocking you from creating
Care for yourself as you do your best work in the world
Rewire your body spirit connection for greater ease

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu

Tuning into your intuitive nature, you'll take steps to:

Clear the way to create what you truly desire
Create with more freedom in all areas of your life
Own your creative power to live in abundance
Be present and patient with what you’re creating
Grow and transform into your heartfelt dreams
Attune inward to elevate your vibration upward
Embody your vitality, creativity and divinity
Become certifiably more YOU in your life
Be a beacon of spiritual freedom on Earth

If you have built castles in the air,
your work need not be lost;

that is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;

that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.


We meet online weekly, and here’s an overview of the flow:

Guided Meditation

Invitation to attune inward and cultivate your intuitive nature from the inside out.

Intention Setting

Check-in with yourself. You choose your exploration, growth and transformation.

Spiritual Exploration

Be guided to access, deepen into and gain certainty about what you’re creating as a Soul.

Voicing & Witnessing

Check-ins to voice what you’re growing through with validating presence from others.

Intuitive Training & Practice

Direction and exercises to explore, strengthen and deepen your intuitive abilities.

Readings & Healings

Trade readings and healings with others in the group to clarify what you’re growing through.

Each week is focused on a specific topic that falls within the seasonal theme.

VALUES & Seasonal Themes

The Nature of Creativity Course is centered around the values of self-care, balanced relationships, well-being on Earth and sharing with others through living your purpose. Each season we focus on a theme designed to bring more freedom to all areas of your life and the world.
Spring: Self

From higher self to self-care to emotions, body, mind and spirit, we’ll explore, celebrate and support who each of us is and what we truly desire.

Summer: Relationships

Family, friends, romantic, professional, guides, angels and others … receive reflection and encouragement to create more fulfillment and harmony in your relationships.

Autumn: Earth

Bring light to how the environmental, systemic and universal energies happening on Earth right now are affecting your creativity. Find clarity and experience more freedom.

Winter: Purpose

From outward expression to inward integration explore your pure purpose, calling and next steps. Share ideas and receive reflection from others about what lights you up.

The Bigger Why: Is this Course for you?

The Time is Now. The first, most basic energy tool we’ll learn is grounding, and you’ve probably never learned it like this before. When we ground and run our energy at the same time, we give each other permission to up our vibration all around the globe. That’s why this class is ONLINE & LIVE.

The magic amplifies when we come together, so ask yourself:
Do you feel the calling to heal the world by healing yourself?
And then do you want to bring that wholeness to your everyday life?
People in this course are living to be down to Earth and free.

We’re wild women and men who are warriors of peace, joy and love on Earth. We’re sensitive, soulful and creative people here to facilitate and be spiritual freedom on Earth, each in our unique expression. We’re multi-generational leaders in our everyday lives as healers, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, grandmothers, partners and more. All who are called to this course are welcome. No matter how many lifetimes and years of experience we have, each participant is invited to “come as a child” with curiosity, amusement and enthusiasm to live moment-to-moment.

Nature of Creativity Course Teacher: Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah is here to facilitate and to be Spiritual Freedom on Earth. As the founder of Aspen Oracle, Jennah guides soulful people to embody, express and expand who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way.

With 18+ years of branding experience including a B.F.A in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in NYC, Jennah is a creative director and graphic artist known for her ability to see and direct a vision into reality.

A graduate and former staff member of Divine Healing Center, Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons Center, Jennah is also a Reverend and spiritual teacher, psychic and healer with 13+ years (and lifetimes!) of experience.

Guest Teachers. For variety of perspective, wisdom, and information, experienced guest teachers are featured once every one to three months.

What People Are Saying

I have seen projects grow in one month more than they did the entire 6 months prior.
Everything changed so much, in a really good way, over the year of participating.
I love that I got to see what was holding my creativity back so I could move forward!

Let’s Flow

Next start date: September 29, 2021


$795 per Season (payment plans available)


Your Intuitive Nature Foundations Course

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