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As a Soul, each time you are born into a new body and lifetime, that’s a rebirth. Then within each lifetime, rebirth may occur many times in a few different ways:
  1. When you “download” more of your higher self into your body, you’re literally coming through your own birth canal.
  2. When your subconscious becomes conscious… where you remembered the truth of who you are, then forgot, and then remember again.
  3. When you give birth to babies and/or creative projects that will eventually have their own life separate from you.

Now I realize those all sound like birth in general, however, the “re” part is quite important.

“Re” means “again and again” and that there’s “something to go back to” … in sense it means there’s an original essence that just IS. The ISness from which all creations are born.

You know that “back up plan” us humans are always trying to create through things like money? Turns out, the best plan B is to go within and first remember the truth.

When you’re able to let go of the forcing and REst back into what already is, that is where the flow is. That is where the birth occurs naturally.

Part of the human journey is to remember this over and over again, and each time you rest in being, you build the pathways to consciously choose which vibrations you’d like in the mix of your life experiences.

In other words, it’s possible for the process to be more fun, joyful, loving, peaceful… you choose it as you name it!  After all rest, being, and choosing are still active states. We’re designed as dynamically aligned beings.