Aspen trees remind us of our connection to the earth and each other. Found thriving at high elevations, aspen trees gently whisper: “root firmly and move at the speed of inspiration”.
The interconnected roots of each aspen grove call attention to the balance of self, relationships, planet and purpose in your life. The trees say that when all four of these areas are in harmony, you access freedom to turn inspiration into sustainable reality.
When you ask them, aspens help you commit to weathering all the seasons of your soul.

We gather seasonally on timeless themes to share, work energy and set intentions in the group field.


We participate in embodiment exercises and meditations to amp-up your life force growing into the spring season.


We gather to tune into, clear energy around, set intentions and share about what we are dedicated to blossoming.


We shine, release, replenish and reset for greater freedom through the journey of the harvest season and beyond.


Review, forgive and celebrate your past year, share and set intentions as we enter into the dreamy winter season.

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