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When you've been around the spiritual growth block and back, nature is here to remind you of the seasons of your soul. Like a flower, your soul goes through cycles of decaying, seeding, budding and blossoming.

In the early days of spiritual seeking, the process tends to be fueled by enthusiasm. The magic of discovery, remembering, and the joy of validation are accompanied by a choir of angels cheering you on each and every moment.

As your Soul grows into more conscious awareness, the angels give more and more space, backing up for you to find the God/dess within yourself (which feels lonely as hell sometimes being stuck in a purgatory until you pull your own head out of your ass).

When you're in that dark night of the Soul, the phrase "this too shall pass" is a common comfort. For me, nature is also a wonderful reminder that everything is transforming in synchronicity all the time.

Just this week, I had a few experiences where my body, emotions, and soul were all synchronized with nature (and my mind caught up eventually!).

First was when my guides hijacked my GPS to take me on the least direct route to my destination (geographically at least). Instead of going up Sunshine Canyon, I turned on Poor Man’s Road which led to Gold Run Drive. Yes, these are real street names here in Colorado. It became clear why this route as I turned a corner to see the aspen trees growing strong in the middle of the burnt remnants of an old forest fire. I’ve always loved the fact that aspens are the first to send sprouts up creating new life after a phase of destruction. It reminded me why I have been called to create this business at this time on Earth.

To add even more to the reminder from Mama Earth, when I arrived to the place I was going, the astrologer who was waiting for me told me she’d been walking the property looking at how all the crooked trees just keep growing. They maybe go off path, or don’t take the most direct route, but they keep growing regardless.

Then on the following day when I arrived to my latest living locale, I was feeling all the feels while having a cup of ca-cry (what we sometimes call Legacy Cacao when she’s with us in times of tears). Ayla Nero’s rain songs came on my random playlist, and then it started pouring the most rain I’ve seen all summer. If that’s not Earth magic, then I don’t know what is.

Wild blessings,