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Structure is natural and needed for Spirit to flow and for your Soul to grow.

Earth is a structure. Trees have a root, trunk, branch, leaf, and fruit structure. Rose petals spiral out from within organically. Beauty shines through the Divine Design of every creation and manifestation on Earth.

Even things we create such as houses and websites are homes for spiritual experiences and communication to flow through. Our bodies are perfectly created as unique full expressions here to support our Soul growth.

So why do we sometimes resist structure? Because we confuse it with control and perceive it to be static … for the very real reason that we control by putting a ceiling on structure because of fear. Fear of lack. Fear of change. Fear that we don’t always know what our minds think we’re supposed to know. Fear of being wrong. Fear that if we’re not perfect, we’ll be blamed, judged, and unlovable.

What if the ceiling becomes the new floor? The sky is the limit again, and room for growth is exponential. What does that feel like? What emotions need to be tended to with great honor and loving care so that you might feel safe in all that open air, naked co-creating with God/dess?

The ground underneath you, with the pure love of Gaia at the core, is here to support you in feeling safe. Safe with change. Safe with letting go of those old dead leaves. Safe with transforming into the next version of you. Safe with being, loving, and accepting yourself in all forms, in all phases, in all ways.

P.S. The Your Intuitive Nature Foundations Course is a structure here to support your Divine energy to flow and your Soul to grow! Click here to open your invitation.