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Challenges: stuckness, lack of clarity, roadblocks, oh my! The wisdom is found in a perception shift ... instead of problems, seeing the truth within.

Challenges are actually big huge flashing road signs pointing to where you’re growing as a Soul. If you’re redirecting outside of yourself, you’re missing the point which is your brilliance waiting to burst through free and clear.

Start with forgiveness.
If you’ve been PUTTING OUT lots of energy and effort trying to fix, handle or even fight with challenges, begin with forgiving yourself for that extra E.

Notice the peanut gallery.
See if you can sort the voices that aren’t helpful. Journal to get them out on paper. From there, your true inner voice has more space to surface.

Seek reflection.
If you feeling a bit like Humpty Dumpty, outside reflection from a loved one, friend, or a professional you’re called to work with can help you access your diamond in the ruff.

And, no matter what, remember to love yourself!