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Fun and Adventure with Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are recognized in every culture and religion in the world – here’s an old description I love: ‘We are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses…let us run with patience the race that is before us’*

My ‘cloud of witnesses’ has been a wonderful resource and support for years.

Last week’s post from Shareen was a great overview of some spirit guides – I loved reading it! This week I’m adding some examples from my experience:

A few considerations

In my experience when we ask Source for help, it’s often a spirit guide that takes the job. I’ve noticed that guides match up with people whose purposes they share. I imagine this as a spiritual bulletin board with colored job tickets!

Each human-spirit guide alliance has a defined scope and purpose. When the agreement is fulfilled, it can be updated or released with respect and thanks.

A few examples


I chat with my spirit guides when I’d like guidance for perspective, healing, information, or even an attitude adjustment. For instance, when I’m being too serious, my guides won’t respond but just chuckle. I get the message and lighten up!

Asking for directions: Where to find something or someone, appropriate timing etc.

Asking a spirit guide to ride in my car for company, or to help find a parking space – this isn’t trivial, they love to collaborate!

I love acknowledging spirit guides (respectfully) in a specific location, especially when exploring new places! There’s meaning at each site.


I may notice a client’s guides during a session, but I mention them only if the client asks. Guides sometimes want me to explain the help they offer so they can have your agreement and collaboration.

When several people are willing to resolve a problem, their guides can team up to help work through the issue.

In a crisis, spirit guides related to the people and supporters involved also work as a team.

 Group events

Guides gather to support life events; births, weddings, graduations, deaths. They help with group events, in hospitals, at accidents, and in large teams when there’s a world event or disaster

Curious to learn more?

Here are some ways to enhance communication with your guides:

Getting quiet: James Van Praagh suggests: “We can always ask our spirit guides to give us help. Our job is to quiet our minds, open our hearts, and listen.”

A little quiet lets us notice the subtle communication stream always flowing in the background. With practice you’ll strengthen your abilities and refine your sense of what’s worth noticing and what’s ‘background noise’.

Insight for your next growth step: Ask about your own spirit guides, enhance your relationship with them in a private reading with an experienced intuitive like an Aspen Oracle Energy Worker. We love working with you!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

As you hear ways others connect with their spirit guides:

Is there a project you’d like to develop with your guides as team-mates?

Do you sense subtle ways you’ve been connecting with your guides, but hadn’t realized it before?

*Variations are found in historic Christian and Jewish religious texts
Photo credits from top to bottom: frank mckenna, MaxPixel and Aron
Deb Fels

Author Deb Fels

Deb is an intuitive who loves working with clients in business, project, relationship, and location consultations, as well as awareness training and energy healing.

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  • Reading your article brings me a since a peace. Nice to know we always have friends in “high” places to have adventures with even when things might seem different on a physical plane. Thanks for sharing Deb!

  • Shareen says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder to chat with my guides, I am surprised at how often I forget to do that simple thing. Most often I remember to thank them when something has fallen easily into place, or to say HELP!!!! when it is not, but I often forget to chat and to , *gasp*, listen to them for help with my own needs.

    I love the visualization of a spiritual bulletin board with “help-wanted” ads. (I’m kind of inspired to make it the theme of a short story: Adventures with Earthlings!) When choosing my healing guides I visualized approaching the “Healing Guide Halls” and waiting for my guide to walk out. About a year later I had a dream where I was taken on a tour of the inside. It was quite an amazing dream, I wish I remembered more than feeling of awe and peace and welcome. I can just imagine a bustling place with guides rubbing their hands in anticipation and joy of discovering their next new assignment.

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