Intuitive Nature Gatherings

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Intuitive Nature Gatherings are a peaceful space for you to connect with your inner truth about what you’re creating and play in community with other loving people who are also living an inspired Soul led life in co-creation with the Earth.

Intuitive Nature Gatherings are Divinely Woven for the Highest Good of All


Come home to yourself to align more fully with what you’re inspired to create on Earth now.

Shine your light to amplify your magic in harmonious co-creation with the Earth, Cosmos, and each other.

Fly at the speed of inspiration loving your luminous wholeness as you step into what’s next for you.


Guided Intuitive Nature Meditation: Invitation to connect to your truth about what is most alive for you … what is your inner knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling about what you’re creating?

Wisdom and Reflection Sharing: Receive benefit from each other through voicing, witnessing, and sharing about what is alive for you.

A Divine Spiritual Teaching Specifically for the Group: Centered in one of the Intuitive Nature embodiment themes of Vitality, Creativity, or Divinity.

Mini Intuitive Readings from Jennah: Space to ask your question(s) and receive the communication that comes through for you and others in the group.


Participants are Open Hearted Intuitive People who are living an inspired Soul led life in co-creation with the Earth.

Guided by Jennah Synnestvedt, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Creative Director and Founder of Aspen Oracle. On occasion, a guest teacher will lead all or part of a gathering as well.


Online via Zoom. Online allows us to gather with kindred souls from all over the world, anchoring and networking our light in community around the globe. Video is encouraged for presence and clarity.

What People Are Saying

I love the gatherings as they really leave me feeling super aligned and happy. I’m so happy that I’ve added them into my week. It makes for better life! THANK YOU!!!

H.A. in Colorado
For me, these gatherings are a sacred space in which to ground, center, and resource myself from a place of clarity and joy.

A.C.D. in California
There is something very sacred about connecting with spirit and myself side by side with others who are on a similar spiritual path. My perspective on myself, others, and the world is always positively shifted in the gathering, and I leave with more capacity to live the life I want. Gathering keeps me accountable with my meditation practice, and it’s something I look forward to all week.

L.W. in Montana
By participating in Aspen Oracle Class Gatherings with Jennah Synnestvedt as the insightful and joyful guide (teacher), I was able to grow even stronger in trusting my intuition and inner knowing through practice, tools and wisdom in a comforting format. I also enjoyed being with like minded souls while doing so. I highly recommend her delightful intuitive offerings.

C.D. in Arizona

Play with Your Spirit, and the Rest will Flow.

Affirmation: As a Divine Being, I look to the Earth as a model for growth. For it is the Earth, with its seasons of change, that shows me how to be at peace with the creativity of my Soul. And when I embrace the Cosmic nature that dances in my heart, I find that there is nothing to fear. Instead I find a celebration of life as I open my eyes to the view.