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Emotions are meant to move, and non-resistance is a choice to allow your experience to be in alignment with your Soul evolution.

Fear runs fast, but in the opposite direction that you’d like to go.

Doubt goes slow. So slow until it stops you in your tracks.

Anxiety quickly darts about in avoidance gaining momentum to nowhere.

Blame wildly beats the bush while shame slides over like a wet blanket. Guilt pushes and pulls secretly seeping into the cracks.

Sadness pours slow at first then torrential (if you open the dam and let it).

Grief grips for dear life curling into contraction until it touches bottom to geyser back out.

Anger rises up fast, hot and may fuel either direction: destructive or constructive.

Pleasure tingles warmly through the precipice of pain dissolving.

Courage fires on all cylinders zero to 100 in an instant.

Love lives through it all steady and strong.

Trust trail-blazes at the speed of willingness.

Optimism opens the flowing river like spring snow melt.

Joy jumps through it all bursting forth like a firework that blossoms.

Enthusiasm elevates over the rainbow right to the pot of gold.

Peace is still and potent blessing the wholeness of all.

Wild Blessings,