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Going without what you truly desire is a space of deprivation, a starving of your heart and soul. It's a painful space. Ouch.

Why so painful – how does that work?! As energetic beings, it is important to embody our own creative flow, otherwise it will be filled with something else…like other people’s pain.

To be clear, embodying your creative flow can bring up your own pain “stuff”, but in a way that is cleansing and has your joy is on the other side.

Your creative flow can also be phrased as your next step which looks like CHANGE. Depending on the day, change expresses in big and small ways.

As change expresses itself in various ways, so too are the feelings that arise and the blocks that need to be worked though. BLOCKS?! This is where resistance comes in and leads to going without. Hello being STUCK.

What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut, in pain, resisting change?

I’ve found that being amused and compassionate with myself really helps as does a regular meditation practice and supportive, elevating community.

Gathering in community is the lifeblood of Aspen Oracle. Not because misery loves company but because all those who gather here are committed to being in their creative flow. Living their inspiration and listening to their intuition.

A rising tide lifts all boats, so even though we’re facing challenges and growing, we’re being elevated by the Divine. When we go within in community, we’re inclusive of the entire spiritual and human experience.

Going within is inclusive of the WHOLE perfectly imperfect YOU.

Remembering to go within allows for…

  • … your wisdom to surface
  • … your vision to unveil itself
  • … your inner voice to be heard
  • … your heart to be felt
  • … your manifestations to flow
  • … your feelings to be honored
  • … your body to relax into safety

All that you’re here for is available to you as you simply say yes to having the time, space and follow through to choose you.