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When you’re so used to riding with training wheels, a certain amount of unlearning often needs to be done to find your natural balance without them.

After you’ve done all the certifications imaginable (whether they were meant to be part of your path or were just superfluous, finished or unfinished), you may eventually learn to graduate yourself to continue through life with more personal sovereignty.

My journey

For some time, I thought my path was skewed and scattered, but now I know that really I was going where my Soul was leading all along. After graduation from high school and college – the two certifications much of the United States society deems most important – I was painfully aware that the plan for my life was no longer laid out for me in the same way. I couldn’t simply pick what I was to do next from a course catalog.

At that time in my life I was blessed to be gifted a session with an amazing spiritual counselor who led me through a guided meditation. I don’t remember what we talked about or the focus of guided meditation, but I do remember being so gleefully happy afterwards. I laughed, and the doorways to my first freelance job opened up setting me on my path of autonomy.

A few years later, I began my next series of trainings this time in the spiritual arena. I walked a very non-conventional path where I completed courses, received certificates, and even studied with rivaling teachers. During this time, I also continued developing myself professionally moving from freelance to solopreneur.

Through the two decades of training, I had honed two distinct skill sets for my gifts to flow through. And at the same time I felt no validation from typical society, industry, family, and even some coaches/teachers that I was where I should be. This is when I realized that I had to learn to graduate myself. No one else was going to tell me when it was time to do what I was qualified to do next.

I really had to learn to move beyond figuring it out post the programs of society, industry, family, and community. The most effective tool I found for doing this is moving into wonder, self love, and transformation on my terms. Sure, I still seek guidance, which sometimes stirs things up in a way that feels like a riddle to my brain. In those cases, I learned that if the pot gets stirred, there is gold to harvest for myself.

More musings about riding without training wheels is here, and I’m curious, what are you ready to graduate yourself from?

Wild Blessings,