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When YES is NO, and NO is YES, being embodied IS the living boundary. Healthy boundaries are alive boundaries that feed Divine creation.

Over the past five+ years, I’ve been redefining what “boundaries” mean to me. Rather than constructing a boundary out of fear and control, I’ve been learning how to naturally own my sacred space by being embodied.

Through studying the Divine design of the Soul, the physical body as well as how they integrate, I’ve learned that being embodied isn’t static. It’s actually a dynamic flow of ever evolving and unfolding soul growth coming down to Earth through me and as me.

When I saw this image of “YES” written in the sand the other day, it made me think of the phrase “drawing a line in the sand” which is often used as a metaphor for a boundary.

And then, it dawned on me, that the “YES” in the sand is the perfect imagery to give a sense of what it feels like to have a natural boundary of being embodied.

In the space of being embodied, there is a full blossom openness where knowing, seeing, hearing, expressing, loving, manifesting, creating, grounding, and connecting are all free to be. Energy is free to flow. Life is free to live. Aliveness creates.

Wild Blessings,