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I had a green juice instead of all the other things that tried to hook me.

Sushi. Cookie Dough. Pizza. Ice Cream. All these foods called my name as I walked down the road. I enjoyed feeling into the deliciousness of each of them, and noticed the green juice calling beyond that. I could have enjoyed any of them and either loved myself or felt guilty. Instead, I chose to listen what my body felt was most nourishing, alive, and aligned for me at that time.

Interesting that the idea of original sin is Eve eating an apple. I wonder how that story in the air effects a woman’s ability to make healthy choices (or any choices at all).

Whether something is determined to be healthy or unhealthy by something internal or external, choice points have so much potential. The power of a yes creates ripple effects far beyond what the mind can comprehend. Knowing which choice is the best is about more than just what is deemed right or wrong. It’s about aligning with what is most elevating and expansive … your Divine self that knows, sees, hears and follows what is true for you with an open heart full of love.

As I’ve been unwinding addition patterns in my brain, I’ve been remembering when I started enjoying fruit again during a women’s retreat in Belize 2018. It’s amazing how our brains can get so addicted to being comfortable or in control that we forget what true freedoms and joy are … ie enjoying the sweetness of fruit and life!

Unwinding Addiction (audio on Instagram)

Wild blessings,