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New Horizons was where I went to preschool, Psychic Horizons was one of the intuitive schools I trained and taught at, and now I’m deep in the school of personal sovereignty and aspen oracle medicine.

I’m learning how to be…
…rooted and flying
…focused yet open
…empathetic and discerning
…responsive more than reactive
…in relationship with myself as a basis for relationship with others

The horizon I’m focusing on is guiding me forward, expanding me from within, and is intrinsically connected to the collective.

When big news is amplified on the world stage or a big change happens in someone’s life, an earthquake of sorts is felt, and the aftershock is waves of whatever people are choosing.

My choice? Focus on the horizon ahead and my internal landscape:
…What am I feeling?
…What do I need to recenter, find my power, and open my heart?
…Then, how may I be a heart of service?
…What’s the most direct action for me to move the needle in a positive direction?

How about you? What are you choosing?

Wild blessings,