Aspen Oracle Founder & Director

Jennah Synnestvedt

Hello and Welcome! I’m so happy you’ve found your way to Aspen Oracle, the community sanctuary playground I’ve created to cheer you on as you birth your dreams!

Now it is important to know that when I say dreams, I mean the desires that facilitate the ongoing expansion of your Soul … the life experiences with your self, relationships and work in the world that you’re here to grow through because they fulfill you on a deep and purposeful level.

Birthing your dreams calls for the dedicated awareness and care of many aspects. It’s possible to get stuck on the big vision and loose site of the next steps. It’s been normalized to runaround like a chicken with your head cut-off following the advice of many different experts. It can be scary. It might be overwhelming. It’s sometimes hard not to be paralyzed by all of the options or hyper focused on the details. Whatever happens, it certainly is miraculous and never boring!

Dreams that are divinely aligned to continuously birth more of your higher self into your life guide you to own your spiritual path, and I am here to guide you along your journey. I have an expansive energy tool box to assist your Soul reconnection, embodiment and growth. All so that your heart, soul and body may sing in greater harmony to improve your wellness, find more fulfillment in your work, and shift your relationships for the highest good.

So you're probably wondering a little more about ME... who AM I?

Born and raised at 9,500 feet in the mountains above Boulder, CO, I’ve always had a special connection with mother nature and creativity. When I was a little girl, I was given the nickname Jennah-rater because I used to go beet red as I held my breath at community functions. I would hold it all inside until I couldn’t take it anymore. Until I just had to let out a giant, loud wail of energy. Like a generator when the power goes out. As it turns out in Human Design, I’m a sacral authority generator.

Though I didn’t know it until my mid-twenties, I’ve always had a soul calling to be a spiritual midwife who holds space for people to bring their highest creative self through to express and expand who they really are in a powerful, feel-good and purposeful way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and free… playing a new game and setting a new pattern on Earth in this lifetime. I like to roughly translate the meaning of my full birth name Jennah (pure, heaven) Louise (warrior, optimism) Synnestvedt to “Warrior of Heaven on Earth”.

With a B.F.A. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, the first chapter of my adult life was dedicated to being a graphic design and branding professional in New York City. For over ten years, I freelanced at various companies in NYC, Boulder and remotely around the globe. My most notable–and hippie child dream come true–collaboration during this time was working on the first and second ever national advertising campaign for Burt’s Bees. Additionally, one of my most fun and joyful collaborations was working with Ellen Atkins and The Suburban Monk.

Moving to Santa Fe in 2008 to help bring my nephew into the world was where and when I consciously connected with my spiritual path and the next chapter of my life. Being present as another soul came into the world, cracked me wide open and I went full on spiritual seeker. I became aware that in order to heal the world, I must heal myself first. For over ten years, I explored myself through holistic classes, communities and services. Graduating from various programs of the Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons in Boulder, I became a Minister. I learned from some of the best and brightest (and continue to do so today – the journey keeps going always!).

In 2010, the aspen trees literally called me back to Colorado through a vision and the name Aspen Oracle came out of thin air the same night of that vision. In 2012, I officially formed the “company” as a brand design agency, and it wasn’t long before intuitive services, spiritual teaching and community worked their way into the mix of offerings here! It’s been a process of learning to devote myself to simply being the steward of this vision that is so much bigger than me, and so much bigger than all of us attracted here. I’m happy to say, that I’m all in, so let’s play!


Thank you to all those who have led me to myself as Spirit standing centered on my own two feet lovingly, imperfectly and playfully being a steward of this Aspen Oracle:
Family, friends, coaches, Aspen Oracle team and community members who are growing right along side me.
Stacia Synnestvedt and Juli Somers who first introduced me to the psychic kindergarten tools.
Tori Quisling, Tara Stiles and Laura Hames Franklin – my NYC teachers who guided me as I transitioned from one way of life to another.
Mary Bell Nyman and Hope Hewetson of Psychic Horizons in Boulder where I completed my advanced psychic trainings including the teachers, ministerial, one-to-one and trance medium programs.
The creators and stewards of the psychic kindergarten tools: Lewis and Susan Bostwick as well as DawnRose Thistlethwaite and many others of the Berkeley Psychic Institute where I also trained.
The Divine Healing Center for being spiritual support along the way.
Laura Hansen, creator of the Divine Spark Program and strategic guide for Aspen Oracle.
Michelle Sinnette for midwifing this course when it was due to birth into the world.
Legacy Cacao for opening my heart and channel to say yes to sharing my unique medicine.
All the critics and naysayers for showing me where I needed to stand more fully in truth and loving kindness.
Work with Jennah

Jennah Synnestvedt is a Spiritual Midwife with 13+ years of experience as an intuitive reader, healer and teacher.

With 18+ years of branding experience including a B.F.A in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in NYC, Jennah is specially suited to teach soul led business owners to bring their vision into reality.

Working with her may be a fit to help you have more alignment, clarity and next steps in your wellness, relationships and work in the world.

To inquire about working with Jennah email