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In a word search meme this week the first word I saw was “bound”, then someone pointed out that the full word was “boundaries” and that my brain must have checked out at the last part. Of course I found this interesting as part of my spiritual practice lately has been to let go of vigilance and boundaries.

Letting go of boundaries has been highlighting where I don’t fully know myself which correlates to where I am not fully aware, expressed, and present. In other words, releasing boundaries shows me where I’ve contracted my energy and allowed other energy to bind and limit my flow.

It is in hiding behind the boundary that I contract and loose touch with my true essence, who I am here to be in the world, and what I am meant to do in any given moment. When I tear down the walls and remember to stand in my knowing, I am connected to and in co-creation with the Divine. … the presence of who I am fills the space it is meant to naturally with ease and grace.

Would you like to play with it for yourself?
  1. Let go of boundaries from a place of knowing yourself;
  2. Notice the areas in your energy field and body where you’re not present;
  3. Bring more presence of your true essence to those areas, allowing energy that isn’t yours to move out;
  4. Experience the freedom and expansion of having more of yourself.

Wild Blessings,