Do you:

feel excited yet overwhelmed by your to-do list?
find it hard to balance your personal life with your business?
wish there was a way for each day to be easier?
want more time for yourself?

desire to step onto your leadership path?

seek more clarity and strength in your business or non-profit?
dream of starting a world-changing business or non-profit?

If you are longing for more ease, joy and peace in your business, then the course below is for you.

The Nature of Creativity Training

from fear of lack to Creativity
from serious doubt to Joy
from griping tightly to Peace
Change is possible

Your business is your creation, and you have the power to enjoy your journey . . . one soulful step at a time. You’ve got this, and it is okay to receive along the way. My name is Jennah, and I am here to help you freely create.

Creating what you truly desire is your birth right, and it happens when you let yourself be . . . this is what having freedom in all areas of your life is like.

Letting yourself be a beautiful expression of who you really are is a wonderful gift to yourself, the world and beyond.

It makes my heart sing to provide training for business owners and creators who are striving to find work-life-world harmony!

As someone who does the inner work as I walk my path, the course below is given from tried and true personal experience. It guides you deepen into your wisdom, power and joy.

This course invites you to:

create what you truly desire
connect and/or deepen into your magic, soul path and calling
make money (or more money) living your calling
take care of your self along the way
protect yourself and clear challenge energy
have more peace and freedom in all areas of your life
encourage others by setting an example
Creating with you truly desire begins

On the Spiritual Plane

and manifests with intentional action

In the Foundational Tools Class (which is required to become a Student Grove Member), you will learn energy tools to:
release unwanted and stuck energies
replenish yourself with what you truly desire
tune into healing Earth and Cosmic energies
tune into, clear and protect energy field
create relationships that are mutually beneficial
receive assistance from your healing guides and angels
effectively clear energy and set intentions
Next class date is TBD.
Jennah absolutely blew me away with her ability to help me remove the blocks that prevented me from starting my own company. Her insights continue to be an invaluable part of my work process, and I constantly refer to, and apply the practical and creative suggestions and tools she has shared with me to overcome the challenges of running a new business.

Dara Holness

Time to Play!

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