Step Into Your Week with Clarity

Mystical Monday Mornings

Mondays 8:30am to 9:00am Mountain Time

Come experience community, meditation, and healing Aspen Oracle style!

Claim Your Space, and Set Yourself up for Expansion with:

Guided Meditation

A playful, grounding and centering meditation where you bring you as Spirit deeper into your Body.

Divine Self Healing

Energy work that facilitates your ability to heal and transform yourself.

Movement Magic

Simple, gentle, and energizing movement for your integration in your physical body.

Walk away refreshed and ready to step more fully present into your week.
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What People are Saying

I loved that session on Monday and it really set me up for a good day… it left me feeling super aligned and happy. I’m so happy that I am adding that into my week. It is going to make for better life! THANK YOU!!!
H.A. in Colorado
Hello from the Facilitator Jennah Synnestvedt, Aspen Oracle Founder and Director

Including Your Soul in Your Work Week: Part of the purpose and invitation of Aspen Oracle is to rewire systems that are no longer working in a harmonious and natural way.

Since the mid 2000’s, I’ve been living a life directed by my Soul; with no 9-5 job, I am a “freelancer”. At times I’ve called myself a “change agent” only to realize that’s a lot of effort! Instead of going against the system, I’ve learned to create another option. A realization of co-existence. Both, and.

The experience and devotion of acknowledging Spirit in all aspects of life is the birth space of our Mystical Monday Mornings offering. It’s a 30 minute gathering to support you to step into your week more fully present with clarity and connection to your inspiration.

Meditation and healing are included. Your first three weeks are complimentary. Limited spots are available each week.