Psychic Healer for Animals and People

Alison is a Reverend of Psychic Healing for animals and people. A lifelong rebel, Alison wants to revolutionize how people communicate with animals. Alison founded Boulder Pet Psychic to offer readings, healings and training courses to teach tools to people who want to listen to animals as much as they talk to them.

A graduate of the Boulder Psychic Institute and Boulder Psychic Horizons Center, Alison trained in healing, mediumship and spirit healing modalities. Alison matches humans with their forever pets as Adoption Specialist at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, and has also fostered over 80 sick, injured or nursing shelter dogs and puppies.

Alison is an international citizen who has lived in Africa, Europe and Latin America. Cross-cultural and now cross-species, communications have been her life’s work. With help from her dog Magic, Alison has practiced bridging the species communications gap with clarity and compassion. Alison connects with animal lovers who believe that we humans have evolved spiritually in relationship with animals, hearing what they have to say about the universe is enormously valuable.

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