Clairvoyant Reader and Healer

Brendan trained for 10 years at the Psychic Horizons Center, the Boulder Psychic Institute, and the Aesclepion Institute, logging more than 1000 hours of doing clairvoyant readings and healings outside of classes.

He completed programs in hands on healing, spiritual healing, medical intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual teaching, trance-mediumship, channeling, and became an ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light at Psychic Horizons Center, giving him legal precedent to practice spiritual counseling and healing.

Brendan taught a variety of programs and workshops at Psychic Horizons for over six years, and ran energy healing clinics at Psychic Horizons and Naropa University. Brendan regularly guides clairvoyant students at Psychic Horizons to hone their abilities.

He completed his BA in contemplative psychology at Naropa University and worked in the mental health field for over 10 years, working with clients with severe mental illness, honing my patience, compassion, and sense of perspective. For 5 years he lived with clients with severe mental illness as a therapeutic housemate, developing his ability to be centered in psychologically unstable environments.

Brendan is a dedicated and consistent meditation practitioner in the traditions of Psychic Horizons and Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. He has completed numerous solitary and group meditation retreats and train my mind and heart through daily meditation, and spent about 6 years regularly learning and intensively practicing meditation one-on-one with a Buddhist Lama and completed an extensive meditation practice called ngöndro that took over four thousand hours. Brendan respects diverse spiritual perspectives and use a non-sectarian approach. His pronouns are “he,” “him,” “his.”

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