Irka Mateo is a Taino indigenous woman born in Kiskeya, today’s Dominican Republic and is a Taino Bohutio (medicine woman). Ms. Mateo travelled throughout the Dominican countryside for ten years between 1997 and 2007, seeking out the spiritual beliefs and healing ways of the Taino indigenous peoples, learning and documenting her findings. She was initiated into the devotional and ritual practices by the late Reyna Alejandro Jiménez, keeper of the Liborio Mateo’s Peregrination Site for forty years. Liborio Mateo was a messianic spiritual leader and most revered Afro-indigenous Bohutio of the twentieth century. Irka was initiated into the Indigenous Mysteries Spiritual and Healing Arts by Berquis Mora, the new successor of an outstanding Bohutio’s lineage connected to Liborio Mateo’s teachings. In this same period she recorded and documented the music of the spiritual ceremonies which was supported by the Grammy Foundation. Her work in turn was digitized and converted to an archive which was donated to the Dominican National Archives. Irka is an iconic recording and touring singer-songwriter in her native country. Her most recent album Vamo a Gozá was considered for the Latin and the Academy Grammys Awards in 2018.

Irka’s Services

Power Animal Retrieval

Our relatives from the amazon give a power animal to every child born in the communities. Each animal has a specific energy or power that is connected to them, it guides the person through life, and protects them from accidents, and illnesses. In the Power Animal Retrieval session, the shamanic practitioner journeys to the spirit world to retrieve an animal that will be your guide and protector and brings it to you in the ceremony. This is a very powerful and joyful spiritual event that renews and enlightens your life, restoring your power, vitality and health. This session comprises two ceremonies and is about 90 minutes long, with a previous 15 minutes consultation by phone, the day before the ceremony.

Intrusion Healing

This is a healing session that cures illnesses, pains and discomforts that have a spiritual origin. Sometimes our spirits fractures and collect energies that don’t belong to us, leading to physical, emotional and mental disease. The shamanic practitioner with their compassionate spirit helpers’ scans and removes these intrusive energies, sends them away and brings back the health and power of the person. This session is 60 minutes long, with a previous 15 minutes consultation by phone, the day before the ceremony.

Shamanic Divination

In this session the shamanic practitioner journeys into non ordinary reality in order to obtain answers to questions at the request of others. The shamanic practitioner seeks and receives revelatory knowledge from visionary sources. This session is 30 minutes long.

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