Intuitive Reader, Healer and Artist

Jill is on the path of a clairvoyant, to see with the eye of spirit. Through intuitive readings, healings, writing and art, Jill helps souls find their spiritual freedom step by step.

Jill has always been tuned into energy and received training to learn to care for her clairvoyant space and trance-mediumship spaces through the Berkley Psychic Institute style of meditation.

Her vision is for each of us to have our own space to be. This starts with herself. As she heals, Jill is demonstrating to you how to heal your life, in your own way.

Jill has had a few expansive experiences that boosted her awakening, the last big one, a traumatic brain injury. Though she’s grown to be less identified with it, it is a gift that keeps giving, slowing her down and provides untold opportunities to learn, grow and heal.

She was trained at Psychic Horizons in Boulder CO, Mary Bell Nyman and Hope Hewetson from 1996 and continuing education with Michael Tamura, practicing with SHAPE (Seers and Healers Advanced Practice Experience). Jill also participates in a trance-medium healing clinic, and am active community member of Aspen Oracle Grove.