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Today I'm writing to let you know about a new business model that I've spent the past decade and a half perfecting.
It's called THE HOUSE CAT, and it's all about how to be free even within the cage of capitalism (or any system that's cagey).

Basically, the secret is relaxing into your everyday life. All you have to do is live in the present moment. Most days look a little something like:
🐾 Eat and be happy that you’re eating.
🐾 Chase some things just for fun (not because you’re actually hunting).
🐾 Go outside (if you’re lucky) to see, smell, and hear all.the.things.
🐾 Ask for some treats, enjoy the treats you’re given.
🐾 Keep yourself clean because it’s part of the cat code of ethics.
🐾 Map your environment to know where the openings and hiding spots are.
🐾 Nap and sleep for short and long periods of time anywhere that’s comfy all over the house.
🐾 Quality cuddle time with the people in your life.
🐾 Play in boxes, and sleep in them too (especially if you barely even fit in them).
🐾 Climb the scratching post like you mean it.

And watch for when these very animal behaviors get out of balance:
🐾 Competing with the other cats in the house to see who the owners like best.
🐾 Playing alpha with other pets in the house so there’s a sense of order.
🐾 Becoming angry at your owner when the weather is bad and you can’t go out, or anything else that upsets you really (after all, your owner is God right?).

The purpose of this “new business model” is humor to lighten to load of where (ahem!) maybe things are getting a little too serious. Plus, the wisdom of these magical feline creatures, and why we have them as pets is very real.

Wild blessings,