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Aspen Oracle Grove is a community of soulful people who are creating and growing inspired businesses and non-profits.

We are all in touch with our heart, soul and path.

We share practical tips and wisdom with each other.

We support each other in living our dreams.

Grove Passport Benefits

More Synergy, Savings and Sales!

Oracle Directory

Receive support on your journey and find referral alliances through the network priced offerings of your fellow members!

Seasonal Gatherings

Each Equinox and Solstice, we gather virtually to share, network, work energy and set intentions in the group field.

Private Online Forum

Meet in our private online forum, where each week we stay inspired and in intentional action by sharing in themed threads.

Grove Savings
  • Free Admission to Aspen Oracle Seasonal Gatherings.
  • Save 20% on Aspen Oracle Products, Guidance, Training, Branding and Retreats.
  • Member Pricing on fellow Grove Member Offerings.
Promote Your Offerings Add-On

For an additional fee, promote your offerings via a listing in Our Grove Oracle Directory, an email to the Aspen Oracle email list and pack of  50-promo cards. Also give potential clients and referral alliances an experience of what you offer by being a Featured Grove Member in a Gathering and by leading Our Grove Online Forum for one week.

We are all family, and the planet is our home.

~ Louise Hay

Hi! My name is Jennah, and I’m the founder of Aspen Oracle.

I am super creative, deeply caring and highly sensitive. I have learned that a harmonious foundation – which includes community – is key to creative freedom.

Being a connector is natural for me, and I’ve created Aspen Oracle Grove to grow, network and live in abundance with creative, kind and sensitive souls (and their businesses) here to help restore balance on the planet.

The magic amplifies when we come together, and the secret is that we all have It within us!

Let’s have fun creating – get your Passport,

Jennah is an extremely passionate, professional and organized psychic and leader.

She offers a very strong, focused yet spacious container which aides in her clients abilities to find their own truth and creativity. Jennah is welcoming, encouraging, extremely bright and insightful and has unmatched dedication to her clients and projects. If you are looking to manifest more creativity, or perhaps ground your dreams into reality, Jennah is your girl!
Lila Ferguson, Professional Healer, Reader and Dancer

Our Manifesto

We look to the Earth as a model for our own growth. For it is the Earth, with its seasons of change, that shows us how to be at peace with the creativity of our souls. When we embrace the wild nature that dances in our hearts, we find that there is nothing to fear. Instead we find a celebration of life as we open our eyes to the view.

Our Grove is for visionary entrepreneurs who:

  • approach life from a creative and spiritual perspective
  • value + enjoy autonomy, freedom AND community
  • want to have fun growing, networking and living in abundance with other kindred spirits

Aspen Oracle Grove FAQs

What Inspired It?

To Play the Game of Life is to Love the Game of Life.


Everyday, more and more people are awakening to the divine love that rests inside of them. That is them. Their eyes are opening to themselves and the world with compassion and hope. They see the suffering, and they no longer wish to be the suffering, but to help ease the pain with love and with light.


Whether it be a conscious choice, or a forced redirection because of a lost job, people are connecting with the passion that drives them to work in harmony with joy & peace. To merely survive is no longer enough. People are choosing to let go of fear and to THRIVE. They are rooting themselves with creative vision and manifesting a brighter world. Their gifts are flowing through them and radiating to all they encounter.

The Game has Changed

Group, tribal and individual identities are falling away to reveal an all-connected self of pure love. Corporate structures of the past are crumbling. Energy depleting ties are being severed. Fear of not surviving is turning to trust of everlasting, ever-present abundance. The game here on earth is no longer a competition, but a joyful, amusing experience filled with spontaneity & synchronicity. Intuition guides the body and material realm with ease and grace.

Empowered Individuals are Gathering

Those who have let go of control and reclaimed their personal power are connecting with the flow of nature. Each stands in their space and respectfully gives other’s theirs. They stand side by side without fear of going backwards, only trust in the current balance of all that is. They reflect and connect, moving forward as a flock of birds through the night sky. Guiding those who seek truth. An example as individuals, and powerful beyond measure as a collective.

Abundance is Here

The awakening that abundance always has been and always will be is here to stay. Money is merely an energy exchange. All things material flow as we give and receive our gifts of love and light. The system is in transition. The old still exists, and the new knows how to flow through it, washing out what isn’t serving growth, and filling it up with a new vibration.

What is the Vision?

The vision of Aspen Oracle Grove is to live in well-being and spiritual freedom, celebrating Heaven on Earth. We co-create this through sharing our gifts with others via our existing or forthcoming successful businesses, non-profits, products and platforms. Through Aspen Oracle Grove, we connect with each other and attract others who have the same vision and affinity for well-being, spiritual freedom and celebration of Heaven on Earth.

Are there Group Agreements?

Yes! The group agreements and other “fine print” may be read here.

I'm not sure if I have enough time and energy for a community. How much participation is required?

Aspen Oracle Grove is first and foremost a sanctuary! An energetic space for you to relax and just be you. Members report healing effects from simply signing-up.

When you are ready to redeem your benefits and interact, joining the Private Online Forum is a requirement and is where you access links to the other Passport Benefits and Bonuses.

The space is set for all members to participate in the Online Forum, Gatherings and other member activities/interactions when it is for the highest good of all.

How will it benefit me?

Our Aspen Oracle Grove is a supportive community that helps you create what you truly desire and have freedom in all areas of your life.

Aspen Oracle Grove are here to help you, on a soul level, to navigate the full spectrum of your life experiences. Our Grove is a community to enjoy growing, networking and living in abundance with other kindred spirits.

Even if you “do” nothing, being in Our Grove provides power in numbers and pure intentions. Our Aspen Oracle Grove is an energetic sanctuary providing full permission for you to relax and be you (where you are and where you’re going). It is a watering hole to fill your well.

Is it for me?

You are a visionary change creator stirring the pot and brewing magic for the greater good. At times you may feel rebellious, like you just want it to be easier, and you’d rather escape to a secluded monastery or pristine island. If you feel stuck in the status quo yet have a passion for being the change, you are a bridge soul here to restore balance on the planet.

Whether you fly your woo-woo flag high or keep it more to yourself, you may experience a roller coaster of highs, numbness and lows on any given day. Facing the challenges can indeed be easier, and you are so ready to deepen into your divine design with your eyes wide open.

In Aspen Oracle Grove, you get better at navigating the full spectrum of your life experiences on a soul level. By loving your whole self and finding peace with your journey, you live your divine design. Being a full expression of yourself promotes health and harmony on Earth and beyond.

Who are the members?

Aspen Oracle Grove members are soulful people creating and growing inspired businesses and non-profits.

Each person’s inspired expression of entrepreneurship varies. Our Grove is made up of artists, designers, writers, creatives, planetary-healers, peaceful activists, earth angels, oracles, light-workers, elementals, shamans, coaches, authors, and the like.

Many of you were here when the planet was created. Some of you bring helpful information from other universes and planets. All of you have incarnated here this lifetime to help restore harmony on Earth.

In community, our magic is amplified. We stand together as pure souls to usher in spiritual freedom, peace and well-being.

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