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Opening to Receive with Your Spirit Guides

By January 24, 2019 January 31st, 2019 Featured Shareen, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Growth

Last week a few of my clients asked me, “I feel the presence of my Spirit Guide for my project…but how do I know what they are trying to tell me, or if I am hearing them correctly? I mean, is it working? Am I doing it right?”

I assured them that, “If you’re feeling the presence of your Spirit Guide, then the communication is happening. It is just a new way of connecting and it might seem difficult to trust your intuition.”

In all cases, there was a sense from the client that the connection could be improved. So we looked deeper at their communication, unique to each client and guide. When I stepped back and looked at the theme of the answers that came forward, it was clear a portion of the shift was learning to trust the communication, but the more important part of the shift was being open to receive it.

During the same week, I was watching the Amazing Race TV show. In one challenge there was a huge table full of mouth-watering food– appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts–prepared by world-class chefs. One partner had to discern the five courses of a dinner from the selection and prepare a tray for a course. Their partner carried the tray down four flights of stairs to serve an audience in a dining tent. If the course and tray was prepared and served correctly, the judge would say “Bon Appétit.” If it was wrong, the judge pronounced with a sneer and haughty voice, “This is NOT the food these people ordered.”

I believe there is a great analogy in that TV challenge for how you, the Divine and your Spirit Guides work together on a creative project, and attracting the appropriate audience for that project.

Perhaps, the Divine is the chef that has prepared numerous delicious miracles–unusual ideas, guidance, inspirations to act upon–and placed them out to be served.

Your Spirit Guide team then organizes those items on a tray for you to deliver or serve, in the perfect combinations and sequence to your audience, whom have also been seated at the table for your convenience. The tray arrives with all the dishes of answered prayers and guidance! Does your Inner Judge allow the delivery?

Can you receive and in turn give to your audience (or yourself) all that deliciousness, or does your expectation of what you think or have asked for, and the order you expect to receive something, cause you to doubt and reject them?

From our seat in the heart of our comfort zone, we often pray for something and visualize the possibilities and declare “Yes! We are open to receiving it in Divine Timing and to the benefit of all!” (as long as it looks exactly like what we ordered.)

If you’ d like your connection with your spirit guides (and your manifestations!) to be more clear, a Spirit Guide Reading can help you find or refine a communication style that works, see the vibration of your Spirit Guide more clearly, or find additional guides for your project. In a Spirit Guide reading, we may also look at the energy gets in the way of you receiving your delicious desires!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Do you feel confident communicating to your Spirit Guides?

Is your space to receive open and ready?

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Shareen Webb

Author Shareen Webb

Shareen Webb is a professional spiritual healer, reader and teacher and is a mom to four young men. Shareen guides people to heal themselves and explore their own energy awareness, play with their own divine creativity. When you have an Energy Reading with Shareen, she helps you see where you are using your creativity, what your are creating for yourself and where you are limiting yourself.

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