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Is Spirit Synchronistically Guiding You to Peru?

Synchronicity is when all powers align in alliance for your highest good. When you put a wish out to the Great Spirit and receive answer, you are in synchronicity. Synchronicity is a door opening, and it is up to you to walk through it saying YES to your inspiration and heart’s desire.

No time like Peru

Going to Machu Picchu is on my bucket list, and when I saw my friend and amazing spiritual embodiment teacher Laura is leading a retreat in Peru, I felt that zing of synchronicity. Now I am wondering, do you feel it too? Are you called to come on this retreat?

Here are a couple of aspects that you might be seeking:

Integrate ancient wisdom with where you are heading now

Do you have a past life with furry llama friends in Peru? Did you vision and work with spirit guides to co-create Machu Picchu? Having significant past lives at a sacred site will magnetize you there in your present life. Visiting a sacred site at an aligned time with a resonate guide helps you to reclaim your energy and reawakens the powerful experiences you had there.

Peru is a powerful portal: “The vibrational frequency of Peru is profoundly rejuvenating and inspiring – it’s one of the most powerful energetic vortices recognized by metaphysicians. It’s where your dream board becomes your reality, except even better than you could’ve imagined.”

Retreat Accommodations and Laura
Clarify your brand to reach more people while being 100% you

If your brand message is wobbly, it’ll be hard to create a big following. Laura will be helping you get crystal clear on exactly what you stand for and how to share it in a marketable way.

Over the past ten years, Laura has been a friend and guide to me. I have watched her create an amazing spiritual community and grow her following to over 22k (see her Instagram page here). Laura is a guide who walks her talk in very (super)human way. Some of her best qualities are pure joy, creativity and dedication to well-being on Earth. She holds a space for your inspired vision and mission to come through AND leads you through exercises to embody them. As we know here at Aspen Oracle, embodiment is key for sustainable growth.

Here’s a bit more about the retreat from Laura:

We’ll be clearing the cobwebs from your body and mind and strengthening your connection with your business and brand. You’ll learn how to get more traction with your work and fuel your incredible life without burning out.

Even if you’re just getting started in the online space, this is a gateway to clarity and aligned action.

If you know you want to be an entrepreneurial change-maker and influencer but don’t know where to start, Peru will show you. You’ll master the most important piece before anything else – your inner game (aka your mindset).

We’re creatures of habit, and breaking patterns isn’t easy.

Travel is one of the most important keys to creating new habits. It literally carves new neural pathways and opens your mind to different ways of life, which sparks new life and business ideas that’ll transform you.

In Peru you’ll let go of the fear of being left behind and your dreams being unfulfilled, and you’ll leave the retreat feeling completely refreshed, renewed, and charged up, with a complete sense of trust in yourself and your mission.

Open Door Special Offer

Since this Sacred Superhuman Retreat to Peru is in such synchronicity with the vision of Aspen Oracle, it will lay a solid foundation for amazing brand design. To celebrate the alignment, anyone who goes on this retreat will be given 20% off one of the Aspen Oracle branding packages. Consider if this retreat is the answer to a wish that you’ve been putting out into the world. The door is open, and the time is now!

Read more about the Sacred Superhuman Retreat in Peru here!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

If you’ve been to Peru, how was your experience?

If you been on a retreat somewhere else, what was the best part about it?

Photo credits from top to bottom: Gianella Castro on Unsplash
Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah guides soulful people to embody, express and expand who they really are in a sustainable, aligned, feel-good way. It is all about living to be down to Earth and Free.

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  • Shareen says:

    My son’s co-worker is leaving for Peru next week. When he told me that Saturday, I responded, “Ah, Machu Picchu,” and felt such fondness in my heart.

    I am pondering the statement, Travel is so important for breaking patterns.

    I did not see a link for more information, (but I may have read over it.)

  • Ahhhh…Peru. I went there two years ago and I had so many pleasant surprises! For one: Peruvian food is excellent, using many interesting varieties of spices, corn and potatoes. And also I found the people to be very very friendly.

    Spiritually it was hard work. I lost my space a lot to the culture of human sacrifice, I unwillingly healed some spirits that were stuck. That aside, my spiritual awareness expanded with the idea that ancient cultures all over the world were simultaneously developing the same spiritual ideas, and even some engineering ideas, and it seems they were sharing. Telepathically of course since there was no mail or trade or ships. Human evolution is cool. And finally I loved how the Peruvians seems to believe that aliens helped build the stone buildings of the past, because I sure do!

    • Awesome Alison! Didn’t know you have been to Peru too. I have enjoyed Peruvian food here in the states, so nice to know it is good there too! Thanks for sharing about your spiritual experiences as well. When I tune-in, it seems the visioning aspect is strong. So cool to see how the telepathic sharing created such strong portals in the planet that we still have access to today!

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