Angelica Singh

Jennah is an amazing intuitive and deeply gifted designer. She was able to take my vision and guidance and give me exactly what I wanted. She also has all the skills of a professional entrepreneur. She guided me through the process with grace, efficiency and ease. I loved the process of working with her; it felt truly collaborative and co-creative. She has my highest recommendation for graphic design, vision and branding guidance.

Dana James, Food Coach

The Aspen Oracle team is incredibly intuitive. They can “sense” the right look and feel for your business. This makes them not only exceptional designers but also fast designers. I can always trust the work that comes back from Aspen Oracle – beautiful, thoughtful and elegant.

Susan Bostwick, Act Intuitive and Divine Healing Center

Jennah is a soul searcher: she integrates what she sees in your soul with what you are yearning to express in your business self image and character. She does this with a certain quietude and deep respect for your true nature; I felt as if someone truly saw inside that sacred space I was envisioning and wanting to show the world.

Catherine Bell

Aspen Oracle helped us with the feel, look, and content for The Awakened Company and did a fabulous job from beginning to end! They are so good we continue to partner with them on creative initiatives! visit website

Judy Cheng

Thank you for all your fabulous creativity and fun spirit Aspen Oracle! It truly transformed my website and transpired through every page if it. My once ‘ok’ website turned into a magical space through which my clients can come to connect with me and the work that I do. I’m so happy that I found you and your ‘web’ magic! visit website

Steve Satterwhite

Jennah and her team did a great job on my logo and website. But more than that, they get it. They get who I am and built a site that lets my spirit shine through. Thank you Aspen Oracle. visit website

Aspen Oracle gets us. They get our business. And they’re able to create the designs and brand styles that drive our business. visit website

Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

A rousing THANK YOU to Jennah and her team for making my branding process inspired, fabulous, and (most of all) pain-free. If you want creativity, stellar design, and great communication during the process, look no further. Thank you Aspen Oracle!

Kate Roeske-Zummer, Red Carrot Leadership

Listening and being visionary don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Jennah and her team have both skills which is what makes them a terrific company to work with when designing a logo and website. I cannot recommend them highly enough! visit website

Bill Flagg

Aspen Oracle rocks! Easy/fun to work with. Get’s it done. Their design is unique, fun, and full of energy. visit website

Elizabeth Blue

Jennah and her team are amazing! When I came to Aspen Oracle, I was still getting clear about my brand, and they were able to work with the little information I gave them to create beautiful web design that felt professional, warm and very “me”! I’m so happy with the result and immediately started getting more leads! They are also super reliable and a joy to work with. visit website

Isabelle Peyrichoux, Founder and Career Coach, Brilliant Seeds

Aspen Oracle has done a beautiful job designing a visual brand identity, logo, and website for my company. I keep getting compliments on my logo, website, and business cards. All reflect so well my philosophy and deep belief about my work in this world. Working with Jennah and her team was a pleasure. I highly recommend them. visit website

Jeremy Seibert, Boulder, CO, Velocity Enterprises

Aspen Oracle has completely changed the face of my business. As a growing company, a strong brand identity is crucial. I needed help and Jennah and her team effectively listened to my input and used their expertise to create an amazing identity concept that they seamlessly integrated into my website. Since then, clients often comment on our website and we are now competing with the biggest companies in town. If you need to get noticed or shape the face of a growing business, Aspen Oracle will get the job done! visit website

Sherisse Hawkins, Beneath the Ink

We REALLY enjoyed working with Jennah and her team. Their professionalism, talent, attitude, creativity, flexibility, organizational skills and follow through were superb! visit website

Ellen Atkins, The Suburban Monk

Working with Aspen Oracle was so valuable. Not only are they very creative but they really believe in empowering the client. I went from very little clarity to really seeing clearly what my company’s next steps were. I highly recommend working with Aspen Oracle.

Mary Lou Morrissette, At Home Senior Care

Working with Jennah has been a pleasure. As a first time start up business, I knew I wanted a professional, industry appropriate brand that represented the level of quality present in my business. In addition to creative guidance and support, Jennah’s ideas and expertise in design and printing helped me manifest beautiful print material that supports my business today. I will continue to work with Jennah because I know she is a trustworthy, experienced designer whose knowledge and professionalism create a joyful working relationship.

Larkin Gayl, The Old School

Working with Jennah is a breeze!

Pati Scamacca

Jennah is a delightful and efficient person to work with. She has insight into flow of design, what’s exciting for people to engage with, and an easy going professionalism. We worked together on a project for several months where she contributed with her full heart, talents and skills. I highly recommend Jennah for any project that is importance to you.

Regina Stribling, Transpersonal Guide

Working with Jennah is fabulous! She took my vision for the Spiritual Women Leaders website and designed an exquisite, elegant and powerful site. I would recommend Jennah’s graphic design services to anyone that is interested in enhancing their business toward professional elegance and efficient access to information. Jennah’s intuitive skills also provided our team with ongoing support. Thank you Jennah!

In working with Jennah on a logo for my business, she guided me through energetic obstacles and mindsets blocking my way to then have us collaborate together to create an exquisite logo in resonance with my spiritual service. Whether your business is spiritual in nature or not, Jennah’s profound tools and guidance are highly attuned to assist you toward creating exactly what you need while also helping you clear the way to bring forth your dreams. Thank you Jennah!

Kaie Wellman, Eat.Shop/rather/The Hunt Guides, Cabazon Design

Working with Jennah was such a pleasure. First and foremost, deadlines were always met. And then there were the benefits of working with someone who was able to offer expertise, creative energy and collaboration — but also take clear direction and implement it. I would work with Jennah again in a heartbeat.

Keith Whitmer, POOL

Not only is Jennah a fabulous designer, she is a trustworthy team player, contributes with great insights and she is a good soul. I would highly recommend her.

Kathy Ganev, The Urban Spirit Guide

Jennah is a gifted individual all around. I’m blown away at how profound work with her is for me and how much permission I have to follow my path with her wisdom, guidance, and support! Thank you sooooo much Jennah. I have so much love and gratitude for you and your gifts.

Ann Hintze, NYC

Jennah is a very conceptual and insightful designer. Additionally, her work ethic, attention to detail, and keen eye for design never cease to produce powerful (and beautiful!) communications.

Bernie Baskin, The Hunt Guides

Working with Jennah was lovely! Not only is Jennah a marvelously talented book designer, she’s efficient and a breeze to work with.

Susanne Menge, Clear Fitness

We are launching into the next phase of my vision and I have never before felt like someone could hold it with me so clearly, with gentle guidance and love. Thank you Jennah!!!

Yasmine Rana, Y by Yasmine

I loved working with Jennah as I felt a kinship on a soul level. She is right on the energies and has helped clarify grey areas.

Jennah absolutely blew me away with her ability to help me remove the blocks that prevented me from starting my own company. Her insights continue to be an invaluable part of my work process, and I constantly refer to, and apply the practical and creative suggestions and tools she has shared with me to overcome the challenges of running a new business.

Dara Holness
Jennah is an extremely passionate, professional and organized leader. She offers a very strong, focused yet spacious container which aides in her clients abilities to find their own truth and creativity. Jennah is welcoming, encouraging, extremely bright and insightful and has unmatched dedication to her clients and projects. If you are looking to manifest more creativity, or perhaps ground your dreams into reality, Jennah is your girl!

Lila Ferguson
I really enjoyed the visioning exercise this afternoon.It truly helped me to start conceptualizing how my brand would look by thinking about my feelings about the business, and what I want to convey to an audience. By looking at my brand from these angles, as opposed to trying to come up with colors and shapes for a logo, not only did some interesting branding ideas come bursting out, but I got a clear picture of how much I really, really want to create, not just my brand, but to help people in their career search efforts. In other words, working through the visual expression, helped me to clearly see my passion for what I am doing. Sometimes it’s hard to see it because of the fears I have around success and failure at the same time. The exercise helped me to see that my desire to truly flow with this idea is much stronger than any trepidation I may have around how to get it “out there” in a more expansive way to the world.

Dara Holness
I have used Jennah for years for personal intuitive consulting and was overjoyed to learn she added another dimension to her practice. As I was starting my business she presented me with tools and support for aspects of my business I was unsure of. The consultation helped clarify where I was realistically starting from, what some potential hurdles I might encounter, and tools to overcome those hurdles. Jennah also taught me some meditation techniques that I have gone back to multiple times to organize my thoughts and desires, which is especially helpful if I feel I am in a rut. I would highly recommend an intuitive consulting session to anyone looking for more clarity, support, and confidence in their business.

K.M., Brooklyn, NY