The Inner Oracle Program

Nurture your upward and inward spiral of spiritual growth guided by your intuition.
Spiritual Vitality
Level 1: 3-months

Cultivate your vital foundation within to sustain your life force flowing and growing in your everyday life.

Clairvoyant Creativity
Level 2: 12-months

Strengthen your ability to clearly see what you’re creating and grow through what’s blocking your heartfelt dreams.

Divinity Rising
Level 3: 9-months

Rise and deepen into your intuitive gifts and shine the unique expression of your work in the world.

After completing all three levels, you'll be certifiably more YOU in all areas of your life.
Start with the Intro CourseStart with the Intro Course

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

Ram Dass

Themes and Values

The Inner Oracle Program is centered around the values of self-care, balanced relationships, well-being on Earth and sharing with others through living your purpose. Each time we gather, we focus on themes designed to bring more freedom to all areas of your life and the world:

From higher self to self-care to emotions, body, mind and spirit, we explore, celebrate and support who each of us is and what we truly desire.


Family, friends, romantic, professional, guides, angels and others … receive reflection and encouragement to create more fulfillment and harmony in your relationships.


Delve into how the environmental, societal, cultural, political and media energies happening on Earth right now affect you. Navigate solutions, stand your ground and experience more freedom.


From outward expression to inward integration explore your pure purpose, calling and next steps. Share ideas and receive reflection from others about what lights you up.

Interested in attuning into your self in all areas of your life?

Start with the Intro CourseStart with the Intro Course