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What intentions are you setting to play in the energies of the current astrological season?

Recently I was reminded that astrology is a description of what’s happening on the astral plane level, and we live in a free will universe. What this means is that you’re not at the mercy of the stars, they’re simply like the weather, and you still have the ability to create what you choose.

It’s when you forget that you have inner authority and a unique path that things become confusing. Outsourcing your knowing to someone else to make decisions is very different than setting an intention and opening yourself up to be guided step-by-step to your own answers.

As autonomous infinite creator beings, you can choose to go out in the rain or wait for the sun. If the stars are forecasting something, it might be wise to look at how your specific energies are at play. On a soul growth level, it might be that it’s time to get wet and enjoy dancing in the rain.

Knowing something on an intellectual level is just the beginning.

When you go beyond the analysis and look at the energies at play for yourself, your intuitive nature comes online for your evolution through clarity of choice. Seeing your intention through becomes not only possible, but an actual embodied, lived experience … aka the reason intentions are set in the first place – to learn and grow as you live.

Wild blessings,