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Dealing with Rejection: How to Love Yourself and Share Your Big Heart

Many years ago, I told one of my spiritual teachers that I am not at all loving. I felt numb and annoyed by most people. She helped me see that the opposite was actually true. I was SO loving that I took on the pain of others out of fear that they wouldn’t love me back if I didn’t.

As I learned to love myself and cleared out the energy that I was holding in my heart, I started dating!

It was so much fun and I found that I had SO much love to give that it would overwhelm most men that I tried to date. So I got a cat. She could have my big heart and unconditionally reflect it back to me.

After some more inner-work, I finally met my life partner. After nearly six years of being together, two of the biggest issues I worked through were:

  1. The belief system that my cat, my family and him are the only people with whom I can share Love.
  2. Expecting others to receive the “love” that I try to force feed them as well as expecting they give it back and in the way that I expect.

Turns out both 1 & 2 were really coming from a place of lack. Not feeling good enough and like there is not enough disguised as love is what binds us in our unhealthy patterns and creates resentment.

I’ve learned that Love is infinite and has many different outlets, expressions and reflections. Most important of all has been to Love myself. It has also been crucial for me to find, embrace and co-create relationships and community that are a reflection of True Love.

More than enough True Love exists, and it has plenty of room for self and others.

Let’s forgive ourselves for times in the past when we’ve believed otherwise. Let’s open the doors to have be in affinity with the world. Everything is happening FOR us.

If you’re having a hard time experiencing self-love, love in your relationship or finding a romantic partner, exploring Your Intuitive Nature can help. You’ll begin to look at old patterns, belief systems and other energies affecting your ability to experience love.