You’re Invited!

Spring Equinox CELEBRATION

A Gathering to Plant Seeds of Joy

This Spring Equinox, let’s celebrate change allowing JOY to be activated within each of our energy fields amplifying what we’re creating in our lives this Spring 2022.

It all starts with a Cacao Ceremony to Ground and Set Intentions

The change of season is a powerful portal to root into yourself in ceremony in co-creation with the Earth, Cosmos and Legacy Cacao, a heart opening plant medicine that elevates.

The ceremony is simple yet profound: Connect with your heartfelt intention, share it with the loving cacao spirit inviting her to work with you as much as you’d like, drink with presence noticing and allowing more of yourself to come into your body as you’re uplifted.

Who this celebration is for:

All kindred souls already in or curious about the Aspen Oracle Community.

In-Person in Boulder, CO

Sunday, March 20, 2022 from 12:30PM-2:30PM

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More about the gathering flow …

Meet Each Other and Voice Your Intention

The magic amplifies when we come together! A place to “just be” in celebration, voicing and witnessing with each other is precious.

Celebrate and Release Winter

Tune into what was your soul transformation this winter through guided meditation, journaling and sharing with each other.

Enjoying the Threshold of Now

Silent and guided meditation to presence what is alive and ready to shift now–on this precipice of winter to spring–inviting the activation of joy into your energy field.

Planting Seeds of Joy for Your Spring

Movement meditation to overflow your joy into your creative intentions for your Spring. Create a joy map for yourself. Space to share with the group for Divine amplification.

What People are Saying

I loved the positive energy in the group and hearing everyone’s goals.
So helpful to have new perspectives reflected from others.
I go to a lot of community events, but this one is special.
Your Guide for the Spring Equinox Celebration

Tears of joy ran down my face as I opened my first package of Legacy Cacao that I had been given. It was soul knowing.

Beyond the humble yet luminous packaging, delicious taste and health benefits, the cacao was something I knew would transform my life in a relieving, loving and enlivening way.

And then I picked up a book that I hadn’t read in over a year. The next chapter was all about a young girl who was taken to a Shaman for healing. In her journey, a jaguar brought the medicine of reawakening feminine power.

And then I had a dream where a Jaguar was scratching at the door of a jungle hut where I was gathering with a group of strangers. At first I felt fearful, but then quickly shifted into the knowing that we where there to be in community.

Co-creating with this gentle plant medicine has helped me to remember + further embody ancient aspects of myself and to bring them fourth in present time. My heart opens as I step forward on my soul path.

I am honored to share this cacao through sacred ceremonies that remind us “pure of heart, peaceful warrior souls” why we incarnated in this lifetime as well as give us loving guidance to be strong and courageous.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


Sunday, March 20, 2022 from 12:30PM-2:30PM

In-Person in Boulder, CO

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